London Timing.

At the age of 15, Jamie Rose Thomas' mother had died of stage four breast cancer. Jamie had always been and outgoing girl, good grades, popular, but after her mother passed, she shut down. Coming completely shy and intraverted. Jamie and her father over the years had become inseperable, that was untill Jamie left for college halfway across the world in London, England at the age of 19. She never expected to have met someone there, including a boy who she learns is her biological twin brother that they were seperated at birth.


17. Chapter seventeen

Lily's POV

I got so upset when I saw Niall with those girls. I know that it sounds wierd or stupid, but after hearing that he liked me, and then I saw him with those girls, I dont know what happened. Niall asked to talk to me outside. "What is up with you?" He looked down at me, because he was much taller than I was. I refuesed to talk to him. "Listen ok, I like you, Alot. I dont understand why you are so angry with me. Louis told me that you were angry that I was fllirting with those other girls. I didnt know that you liked me back." At this time I was speechless. "Ugh you are so hopeless." He said. "Niall I- uh... I dont know what you want me to say!" I yelled back at him. He stopped turning and walking away,  and turned back toward me. "Maybe I want you to say you like me too, and at least tell me the truth Lily!" He yelled back at me. "Im sorry that Im not perfect Niall." I muttered. "Yea me too." He said loud enough for me to hear. My head shot up and I felt my eyes start to sting. "Wow. I had no idea you were that low." I muttered back to him between clenched teeth.

"No Lily I-" I put my hand up to his face, and said "Just leave me alone Niall." I was crying now, and I stormed out of the hall way, out of the Venue back to the hotel. "Lily! Please just wait!" I heard Niall call after me. I started walking faster and I came to a little kareoke bar, and I walked inside looking at all the people, some drunk, some just there for fun. I walked over to a little booth, and then I noticed no one was at the mic, so I stood up and walked over to the stage. I told the man to play Fix a Heart by Demi Lovato. The music started, and I imagined that no one was in the crowd. The music started and I started singing. I started belting out lyrics, and the whole bar got quiet. When I had finished the song, I opened my eyes to see a standing ovation, and a familar face standing in the doorway. He had a huge smile on his face, and he was clapping along with everyone else. I stood smiling feeling my cheeks burning up. As I was walking off stage, a man appraoched me.

"Hello babe. My name is Savaan Kotcha. I am a vocal coach who works for Syco Music. A record company." He shook my hand. "Hello, my name is Lily James." I smiled at him. Come have a seat with me?" He lead me to a booth, and I noticed Niall was walking over to me as well. "I think that you would be perfect for a girls group that I am forming. Here is my card and meet me at Syco studio right here in Orlando tomorrow morning at 8 am?" My eyes widened. "I'll be there." I smiled at him. "Good see you - Niall! Good to see you man!" He talked to Niall. "You too." I stood up walking past Niall and towrd the door. "Lily wait please?" I kept walking and out the door this time. I was a little down the side walk when I felt a hand grab my forearm. "Lily please?" Niall begged. "Fine." We walked into a coffee shop as Niall ordered two coffees. When he came back to sit down, He sat in front of me. "Lily, you did amaznig in there. I didnt know you could sing. especially like that." He said, smiling. "Well, there are alot of things you dont know about me Niall." I looked at him this time. His blue eyes looking into mine. "Well, maybe I could get to know you better? I like you alot" He tried to grab my hand. "Niall, I dont think that It would work out. I mean you are famous and you travel all over the world. I am scared of wha-" I was cut of by Niall coming over to my chair, and bending over.


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