London Timing.

At the age of 15, Jamie Rose Thomas' mother had died of stage four breast cancer. Jamie had always been and outgoing girl, good grades, popular, but after her mother passed, she shut down. Coming completely shy and intraverted. Jamie and her father over the years had become inseperable, that was untill Jamie left for college halfway across the world in London, England at the age of 19. She never expected to have met someone there, including a boy who she learns is her biological twin brother that they were seperated at birth.


18. Chapter Eighteen

Nialls POV

She just wouldnt stop talking. Not that I minded. She was so beautiful. I wasnt even listening to what she was saying, untill she reached the point where she said that she was scared of what would happen. I walked over to her chair and bent over her. I whisperd in her ear. "I like you alot, and I think that we can make this work ok?" I stood up straight, grabbing her hand and standing her up straight. I smiled down at her, and started walking back to Jamie' house. We talked for a while, and I got to know her better, as she did I. When we reached Jamie's home, I opened the door for Lily. "Thank you." She smiled at me. When she walked in, Jamie practically attacked her. "Lily! Where in the HELL have you been?!?!?!?" She was still hugging her i started chuckling. 

Jamie's POV

I was so worried and then I was relieved that she walked throguht the door. I knew that when she was upset, she went to the kareoke bar downtown to sing. But when she didnt come home an hour ago, I began to get worried. "Iwas downtown and then Niall walked me here. But I better be getting home. It was really nice meeting all of you guys. I really missed you Jamie. I love you. I'll see you guys tomorrow before you leave ok?" She hugged me, and all of the boys. "I'll walk you home Lily." Niall said. She smiled as they walked out fo the door. "I was so worried. I am going to miss seeing her now. We are leaving tomorrow and I am so upset. I just dont know what to do." I felt tears slide down my cheeks. Louis came over and hugged me tightly, craddling me in his arms. "I know babe. You'll see her again though." He whispered in my ear. "I love you, babe." Louis whispered."I love you too." I smiled up at him.  He kissed my cheek, and i ended up falling asleep in his arms. "I heard his convorsation with Liam as I was half asleep though. "Liam, I dont know how to tell her that. I love her so much, and ever since I saw her I knew she was the one. I dont want to hurt her like that." He started crying. "Louis, either you tell her, or I will. She is my sister, and I swear to god that if you hurt her Louis, I will hurt you, I told you not to hurt her god dammint." At this time, I shot my eyes open, leaning up, and asked, "Tell me what?" I questioned. "Come with me babe." Louis grabbed my hand and led me to my bedroom.

"Louis what the hell is going on?" I questioned taking my hand from his. "I love you Jamie you know that right?" I laughed. "Of course i do, What is wrong?" I quesitioned again. "I uhm- I know that you are going to read the papers tomorrow morning, and I want you to know that the things in the paper are true, but I want you to know, that i love you and I never meant for this to happen. Just please dont leave me ok? Please believe that I never meant to hurt you, and this wasnt supposed to happen." "Ok?" i questioned.

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