My Heart

Mary has abusive mother and her mom is addictive to drugs. But where is her father at? Does One Direction come in the story? Read on to find out.


4. Nightmare's

Mary P.O.V


 I woke up and looked around to find the clock. When I saw it it said 3am! Why did I wake up so early in the night. You could tell its night because I heard crickets and there was no light in the room. Thats when it hit me I woke up because of a nightmare. It was about my mom finding me and killing I cant sleep. I took the covers off of me walked out of bed and walked straight out of my door. Across my room is Harry's room I dont know if i should wake him or not? I walked my bare feet across the carpet to Harry's room it was kind of cold. I opened the door and all I felt was cold air and as if someone or something was following me.


"Mary? he said half sleep."

"Harry I cant sleep can you come down stairs with me please."

"errr ummm yeah ok." He said

He got up and grabbed my hand and walked downstairs with me the carpet was soft and fluffy. We got down the stairs and walked onto the cold floor of the kitchen, then to the living room.

Harry's P.O.V

"Ok whats wrong Mary?"

"I woke up and I didnt know why until I thought of what I dreamed of."....She said quietly

(There was a quiet pause)....."Mary what was it about?"

"....My mom was gonna kill me because she found me."..she said.

"Mary its ok"..Im guessing it wasnt ok her eyes started to water up and she started to cry. "I came and hugged Mary." "Listen to me Mary I will not let her find you she will not hurt you while im here...she is gonna have to hurt me first."

Mary's P.O.V

I looked up to Harry. "NO!.... im not allowing it your not gonna let her do those cruel things that she did to me to you...its not right"...I got a quick shiver through my body.

"Why not? Im not gonna let her put you back in the hospital!" he said

"Har-" he interrupted me and kissed me.

"Dont ever ever ever ever not care about your own self im here now nothing bad is ever gonna happen to you im here now." He said sweetly.

Harry's P.O.V

"Ok Mary you are safe come upstairs and sleep with me for tonight." Her eyes lighted up as if she was scared.

" you sure?" She said.

"Yes now come on im tired!" I grabbed her hand and we walked back onto the cold floor and back to the nice fluffy carpet and up the stairs. I heard some noise outside like a voice maybe but I kept walking Mary stopped in her tracks to I think she heard a voice as well.


"Wait what the voice outside is her?"

"Yes! she sounds drunk and angry...."

I turned to see her face which was terrified and tears in her eyes. I picked her up and carried her up to my room. "Stay here im getting my mum."  I walked to my mum's room and woke her up. "mum Mary is saying she hears her mum's voice outside!" 

"Wait what she does Harry stay in your room im gonna go downstairs and lock the doors and everthing. she said."

I walked back to my room to see the light was on and Mary was laying down on my bed was she sleeping? "Mary?" "She has already fell asleep i climbed into bed with her as I heard my mum walking around the house locking everything."

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