My Heart

Mary has abusive mother and her mom is addictive to drugs. But where is her father at? Does One Direction come in the story? Read on to find out.


5. Message


Mary's P.O.V

I woke up with this warmth next to me?I turned my head to see Harry sleeping so cute and peacefully. Aww hes so cute, I could feel my mouth starting to smile. I turned away from Harry about to get up right when I heard him say something.

"Mary? Where you going?"

"Huh oh good morning Harry im just going down stairs or in my room why?"

"I just wanna know your safe and not scared ill wake up and come with you."

"Aww Harry go back to sleep its only7am in the morning we had a rough night last night."

"But im awake ill be fine."

"If you say so."

Harry got out of bed and came up to me. We both turned and looked at each other and smiled he grabbed my hand. But right when Harry grabbed my hand he was freezing cold! I turned to look at Harry.

"Harry your really cold and omg your really pale."

"What I dont feel sick though?"

"Harry sit on the bed right now."

I walked him to the bed then he sat down.

"Let me check your for head you probably are burning up!"

I put my hand to his head, "OMG Harry! your burning up lay down right now put covers on you now!"

"Ok mama"

"-_- really Harry really"

"Yes hahaha"

I walked out the room, and down the stairs. I need to get Harry some tea and more blankets. Di dink! 

huh what was that noise. I turned and saw the laptop on the counter it had a message saying.

If you dont give me my daughter i'll kill you.

Omg mom wants to kill Harry's mom I had a  glass cup in my hand and I got so scared I dropped it. A loud crash came.

"MARY! Harry said"

I heard Harry running down the stairs and I just stood there about to fain. When I heard Harry behind me I fainted.


Harry's P.O.V

I ran down the stairs quickly to see Mary standing there. Once I got into the kitchen where she was she fainted and I caught  her. I carried her to the chair. My mum came down.

"What happened!"

"Mary dropped the glass cup im guessing but I dont know why though?"

My mum got up and walked over to where Mary was standing she turned her head to the computer. She was in shock to but why though?

"mum are you ok?"

"Harry love do me a favor and call the police" she said in a panic voice.

"But why mum?"

"Harry please do what i said."

I did as she told me to do. And I turned to see Mary just waking up.


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