My Heart

Mary has abusive mother and her mom is addictive to drugs. But where is her father at? Does One Direction come in the story? Read on to find out.


3. Love

Harry P.O.V


How much I love Mary isnt a question to me its how i show it or express it. I dont just choose a random girl from a street to love. I look whats inside of her and see who she really is. 


Today we took Mary home because the doctors let us take her home which was very exciting because this will be her first time being in the house for a long period of time.

"Harry?"~ she said.

"Yes Mary?"

"Well you know I cant stay at your house for no longer then a month right?"~ she said.

"Why not?"

"I will feel like im interupting your life."~ she said

"You know thats not true you can stay with me forever!"

"Hahaha Harry."~ she said

"Yes? "

"My mom is abusive so I cant go back home....."~she said.

"Thats ok Gemma isnt home anymore anyways so you can stay in her room."

"Thank you."~ she said


We got home and Mary was able to walk but I picked her up and carried her into the house and sat her on the chair.


"What was that for?" she said 

"I didnt want you to walk."

"Why not?"

"You already went through enough."

"Oh haha thank you."

"Your welcome."




"Could....could we watch the hunger games?"



I put the movie the hunger games in and i sat write next to her with a blanket and some ice tea. It was kind of cold today.We was watching the movie and every time something popped out Mary grabbed on to me.


Mary's P.O.V


I got scared watching some of the hunger games.

"AHHH! I didnt see that coming >.<!"

"Its ok Mary im right here. he said sweetly".

I smiled at him and that time I got scared he never let me go after that.I started to fall asleep in his arms....and...I..can-...........


Harry's P.O.V


Mary fell asleep in my arms and I didnt want to move so I went to sleep as well. I woke up and it was night time Mary woke up and looked up at me.


"Harry you stayed with me this whole time?"

"Yes I did."

"You didnt have to im use to being alone."

"Well its times for that to change."

"I kissed her forhead. Mary you have a swimsuit?"

"Yes Why?"

"Go change ill tell you when you meet me outside in the back yard."


It was about 58 degrees outside but it felt like 43 degrees. Mary came outside and we both was in our swimsuits.



"yes I know but just take my hand."


She took my hand I picked her up and jumped into the freezing pool which was about 29 degrees. 



"Harry I will kill you" she ran up stairs and changed. I got out the pool and changed I made hot chocolate and waited for her to come downstairs. 

"Harry styles!"

"Yes my little butterfly?"

"I should so kill you write now!"

"But I made you hot coco?" "You dont love me?"

"I never said I loved you in the first place but I do love you hahah."

"Well then come sit and drink hot coco with me."



She sat next to me and drinked the hot coco.



"Your really pretty."

"Thank you?"

"No im serious dont let any guy tell you your not."

"Well my mom sai-"

"Dont listen to her believe me you are."


We stared at each other for a long time and thats when she kissed me on the lips and I kissed her back.

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