My Heart

Mary has abusive mother and her mom is addictive to drugs. But where is her father at? Does One Direction come in the story? Read on to find out.


2. Im Safe

Mary's P.O.V


I woke up and saw all the bruises on me. I had some serious pain in my stomach but i was ok enough to walk. I started to walk and i found my self soaking wet and cold. I looked a mess I felt a mess I just wanted to die. I knew that my mom would be searching for me or not even care or even worse go insane and destroy her self plus the house. I forgot about clothes to wear but at this moment i didnt care, I just kept walking on down the street.


Harry's P.O.V


What a beautiful day to go outside and breathe the fresh air of summer. I walked downstairs and kissed my mum on the cheek. "Good morning mum."


"Good morning Harry."


I walked to the table and sat and ate the bread on the table. "Mum im gonna go outside now bye."

"Bye." she said


I walked outside and looked around. I sat down and right when i sat down I saw this girl who was soaking wet walking down the street. I ran up to her.


"Excuse me are you ok?"


She turned and looked at me she had bruises all over her face.


"No im not ok." she said with pain in her voice.


"Did someone hit you?" "Please come in my house so i can help you."


"Uhhh ummm ok." She said slowly.


I walked her into my house she looked like she was in serious pain. "MUM!"


"Yes Harry?"




My mom came running in and when she first saw this girl she was in so much shock that she ran back to the phone and called the ambulance. I let her sit on the steps so she didnt have to stand with pain.


"Whats your name?"


"Mar....Mar.... Mary", She must be in some serious pain.


The ambulance came and took her i hoped in the back of the truck and drove with her to the ambulance. We got to the ambulance and they immdeitaly put her in a room and I didnt get to see her for 1 hour. I walked into the room and she looked much much healthier. 




She looked up to me "hi." she said sweetly


"Im Harry just to let you know and how are you now?"


"I know who you are and im much better thank you,but my stomach hurts a little."


"Oh can I sit with you?"




I sat with her on her bed and i talked with her.


"So why was you walking in the rain and all bruised up?"


"Long story" she said.

Mary's P.O.V


"Long story Harry ever since my dad went missing my mom started to do drugs and drink a lot." "She would always be mad and beat me." "Yesterday I threw up blood because she kicked me in the stomach and I had to clean it up." "Since i missed a spot she yelled at me to clean it up which i did but then she pushed me into the table and I hit my head." "Later on I went to sleep and my mom came into my room around 3 am and asked me to drive to the story to get her more drinks." "I told her that I couldnt  because they was all closed so she got very mad and pushed me out of my bed." "When she pushed me out of my bed she got up and started to kick me." "I got up with all the energy i had left and ran out the door and ran away from her and rested at the park." "Thats how im here now."


Harry just looked at me like I was homeless. He gave me a hug which was comforting and he didnt let me go for about 2 minutes but I didnt mind I loved every second of it.


"Harry the doctors said I will get out later this afternoon so I guess I will come home with you?"


"Yes you are coming home with me love I dont want anything else bad to happen to you." He said.


I started to cry and Harry got me a tissue and wiped my tears for me. "Thank you Harry for letting me stay with you." He smiled big at me and gave me a kiss on the for head.

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