And here I write...

This is where I write anything and everything I need to. This is where I write my story - no holdbacks. This is where I write how I feel, what is going on and everything I hope to happen. This is where I'll give you the full story. This is where I no longer have to hold anything in. This is where I finally let it all go. This is where I write.


3. The Coward I am

Nearly 3 hours ago

I saw Death have its way

I saw the life and soul of a loved one

Be taken away, with no prior warning


My mother feels guilty for having not been there

Believe me, I feel guilty for having been there

My brothers have halted their sobs

But my mother continues downstairs

And I, like a coward



As I looked into her eyes

I didn’t want to believe it

She yelped and I came

But she went and I did nothing

I knew what had happened

Yet I carried on, waiting for her to rise once more


I suggested shutting the door

But my mother asked why

I couldn’t tell her, that to me

The Room represented the spirit of one

And the haunting of another


This morning, I saw Death have its way

Of which I thought it would never

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