And here I write...

This is where I write anything and everything I need to. This is where I write my story - no holdbacks. This is where I write how I feel, what is going on and everything I hope to happen. This is where I'll give you the full story. This is where I no longer have to hold anything in. This is where I finally let it all go. This is where I write.


2. The beginning of the end has begun - Part 1

My words have become my tears


Just like Alice

           They fall

                    And fall

                          And fall


I pray God keeps you safe

I pray you have every happiness you deserve

I pray you never lose that smile

Nor your sense of style for shoes

I’ll pray everyday until one day

I have no idea what I am praying for


Well done

On leaving this town.

Even though you left too soon

I remember the last time I saw you.

I hope I get to see you again

But that won’t happen,

Will it?


Please don’t forget me

Because I fear you already have

I mean, you would never guess

That this is about you


He showed me you for a reason,



 I just hope that it’s positive

That’s all.

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