I always notice when hes in the room, but he wouldn't notice me. I always try and get put in groups with him and get myself noticed. Will i ever get noticed? Will things ever change?


1. Pinkey promise

There he was. Walking to school with a group of his friends, he stood out. He is taller than all his other friends, but that made no difference to me. I stared at him as he walked, laughing and pointing at his overweight friend Callum.  Not even needing to hear them you could tell they were making fun of Callum. No wounder though, he had chocolate ice cream all down his school jumper and trousers. They stood watching him trying to lick the ice cream of his jumper to clean it...eew. I leaned my head on the window as we were passing them, to make sure i could stare at him knowing he wouldnt realize for as long as i could.


"ZELDA!" I heard a ringing in my ear as i jumped with fright, hitting my head of the window. Saskia laughed watching me rub my head dazed.


"Sask! what was that for?!" I yelled trying to feel sympathetic for myself at the same time.


"for not telling me!" she shouted punching my arm and laughing.


"what are you on about?" I asked calmly, but really on the inside, i was freaking out.


Whenever anyone says something like that to me, i never know what is coming. I have lots of secrets i have never told anyone, and since i'm terrible at hiding my emotions, i can never tell whenever i am giving a secret hint to one of my secrets.


"you know" she nudged me with her shoulder waving from side to side, as if i knew exactly what she was talking about. She gave me the smile.


Oh no. She knows something. 'the smile' is her way of telling me she knows something, and i need to guess what secret of mine she knows. Its always a terrible game to play.


"I don't know what your on about, how can you know one of my secrets in the space of us being on the bus for 15 minutes!" I whispered to her, not wanting anyone to hear our conversation.


"you know i'm an observer Zel! and i observe you every morning on our bus drive to school, and i know what you look at, at exactly zero eight dot dot one six!" 


"OR you could say sixteen minutes past eight? but thats not the point! and how can you tell who im looking at?!"


"ahh! so now 'what' has turned into a 'who'! you know i know, and you know it!"


"shut UP!" i shouted shoving Saskia nearly pushing her of the bus seat. I slouched down crossing my arms. I could feel her eyes burning a hole in the side of my head. I knew she was so close to knowing, and i didnt want to give anything else away so just sat cross armed staring into space.


"Its one of those five boys...i can tell you now its not Callum...is it...Devin...Jay...OMG, ITS JAY! AHH!" she screamed clapping her hands feeling so proud of herself. I could feel my face burning up, embarrassed to even hear Saskia say his name.


"Sask...how did you know?!" I whispered, trying not to let anyone hear our conversation incase they catch on about what she was shouting 'Jay' for.


"well, i will show you..." she handed me her pocket mirror.


"well...its the sun on my face, making my face burn up" I lied, knowing Saskia wouldn't buy any of my lies, but there is no harm in me trying!


"Sask, please please please dont tell anyone! i will be so screwed if anyone finds out!" I begged, squeezing her mirror tight in my hands.


"whatever" she rolled her eyes sarcastically. I knew she wouldn't tell anyone, even tough she speaks to everyone in our year i had to be on the safe side.


"Pinkey promise?!" I stuck out my pinkey, knowing she remembered about the deal we made when we first became friends at the start of high school.


Any pinkey promises made were kept, and if they were broken we would no longer be friends. We ave barely pinkey promised before. We only do it on big secrets or gossip. I watched as Saskia rolled her eyes again sticking out her pinkey touching mines. I felt a lot better now i knew my secret was safe. The problem is, Saskia is a butterfingers kind of person, once something small falls from her grasp everything falls down with it.

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