I always notice when hes in the room, but he wouldn't notice me. I always try and get put in groups with him and get myself noticed. Will i ever get noticed? Will things ever change?


2. Lunch time spill

Lunchtime. Iv'e been good so far, no one has asked me about who i like. Everyone is normal. Maybe Saskia has stuck to her promise? She does know what is going to happen if she does tell someone, so i think it is convincing her to keep her mouth shut.


"Hey, Zel!" I heard as i finished paying for my salad and milk.


Ever since after Summer i have noticed how chubby i'm getting, so decided to eat healthy to drop the extra weight that has crept up on me over the summer. I picked up my tray and searched for the voice that called my name. Holding my head up high, i couldn't see anyone looking my way. There were so many people in the canteen that i couldn't tell who was who.


"ZELDA!" I heard a scream. I knew it was Saskia this time. I watched her as she jumped from her seat waving her hand in the air with a grin on her face. She knocked the chair over at that same time, attracting a lot of attention that no one could miss her. Normally the canteen is extremely loud anyway, with the amount of people in the room having a conversation all at once, no one wanted to hear Saskia over the top of it all. I rushed over to her so she would stop making a fool of herself.


"Sask, shut up and sit down! everyone is looking! Why are you so excited!" I shouted through my teeth.


"Look who were sitting with today! You can sit right...HERE!" she yelled, as if to make it a random placement but me and her both know she purposely put me there. Right beside Jay.


I was sitting beside Saskia as well, knowing she was wanting to sit beside me to hear what we were going to say in a conversation. My mouth dried up as my stomach flipped about three times. I could feel my hands going sweaty and i was fidgiting a lot, not wanting to start the conversation. What am i doing? There are five people sitting at this table, why should it be me that speaks to him? I cant handle speaking about him, let aloe speaking TO him! I turned to face Saskia to try and start a conversation with her, hoping our conversation will go on for as long as possible.


"Hey, so, Saskia...erm....so what are you up to this weekend?" I asked now turned completely away from Jay.


"what are you playing at? you speak to him NOW!" she whispered winking at me.


"NO! you know i can barely hear his name without my tongue swelling up!" I begged whispering so no one would hear.


"FINE, if your not going to do it i will have to kick this party of myself!... WHO WANTS TO PLAY TRUTH THE DARE WITH SPIN THE BOTTLE GUYS?!" Saskia shouted throwing a plastic bottle in the middle of the table while the rest of the boys cheered and our other friend Maisie sat back avoiding all games that involve 'outing your secrets'


"maybe another time guys, we haven't even finished our lunch yet!" I didn't mind killing everyone's fun as long as nothing could be said at the table while Jay was there i was happy. I picked up the bottle throwing it in the bin.


"remember, pinkey promise" I threatened her.


"dont worry, it wont be me that tells anyone, it will be you!" She gave her cheeky laugh and winked again, as if everything was going to turn out all right. I knew it wouldn't.


"dont worry guys...I...have....ANOTHER BOTTLE! YEAHH!" she screamed throwing another empty bottle in the middle of the table giving my hand a slap when i tried to grab the bottle again.


"looks like your playing now" Jay whispered to me laughing at the same time. I laughed nervously feeling my face going red as I tucked my long curly hair behind my ear.


I watched as Saskia spun the bottle fast. The only words that went through my head were - 'dont land on me'


"Blaine!" Saskia shouted pointing in Blaine's face.


"ok! ok! right i pick dare!" he yelled throwing his head in his hands as Olly patted him on the back.


"RIGHT! i DARE you to... flip Miss Parkinson's tray when she finishes paying!" Saskia whispered as everyone looked at our Art teacher.


"no, tats a shame! shes my favorite teacher, i cant do that!" Blaine begged, but Saskia pointed towards Miss Parkinson with a stern face. Blaine stood up nervously, walking over towards Miss Parkinson.


Blaine nervously walked around the canteen rubbing his hair until Miss Parkinson turned around with her tray with milk, a salad and some tomato pasta on it. Blaine walked right into her as she turned around, flipping her tray with one hand pretending it was an accident. Everyone stared as both their faces went red picking up the salad and pasta of the floor while we laughed hysterically. Blaine finished elping clean the floor and walked back over to us.


"ok! ok! see, i done it! right, give that bottle here!" He shouted as his voice wobbled in embarrassment.


The bottle was spinning and spinning, looking like it was never going to stop, until it slowed down near Saskia. Her face dropped as it slowed down, but the bottle kept on going a little bit more eventually landing on me. oh no.


"woo! Zelda's turn! truth or dare?!" Saskia shouted once again, pleased it didn't land on her.


"umm..." my heart was pounding, knowing if i picked dare i would attract even more attention to myself than Blaine did but if i picked truth everyone knew what questions would be asked.


"hurry up! lunchtime doesn't last all day ya'know!" Saskia yelled in my ear. I shook my ear trying to stop it from hurting from Saskia's loud voice.


"ok, truth!" I yelped, knowing it would look bad in front of Jay if i said dare and embarrassing myself. I had to play it cool.


Saskia was smiling her eyes popping out of her head looking at me, then Jay, then back to me and repeated this until i punched her arm knowing what she was thinking about. 


"Ok, i have a question..." Saskia asked mischievously. I could feel my heart beating faster and faster hoping she wasn't going to say what i thought she was going to say.


"If Jay asked you out, what would you say?" Saskia's eyes were lighting up. At least the question wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be. I looked at Jay, he was smiling staring at me.


"well...maybe...i duno...." I mumbled under my breath. 


"SHE SAID YES GUYS! WOOWOO!" Saskia screamed like a train, throwing a punch in the air as the bell rang for the end of lunch time. I jumped out of my seat before everyone else, before Saskia shouted to us all over the screaching of chairs and other people chatting away.


"hey guys, you are all invited to my house this Friday yeah? Your coming on the bus with me after school and your spending the night at mine. You all up for it?" She asked. I stared at Jay hoping he would nod his head like everyone else did at the table.


"well, ive got football practice after school on Friday so i dont think i can make it" He complained as he threw his bag over his shoulder.


"Skip it? if you can't, pretend you have an injury, i dont know! but your coming on Friday!" Saskia laughed playfully punching Jay on the arm as they laughed together.


"ok, ok, i think i will be able to manage to skip just this practice!" He laughed as he walked to his next class with Sask, leaving me on my own. Jealous of what i just witnessed. Flirting.

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