More than thins

Alyssa is a normal girl. She just graduated high school and is starting college soon. But her life turns around when she meets the handsome Zayn Mallik of One direction.


1. 18th Birthday

Once apon a time my 18th birthday fell on the same day as a One direction concert. I was completey obsessed with them. But my parents didnt have the money to get tickets. We lived in a normal size house. In a small town called New hudson. I am roughly 5'4. I have brown eyes and long brown hair. Ok so on this very day i was driving home from work. Just then 95.5 the local hits radio station said its 95th caller scores 2 front row One direction tickets and a meet and greet before the show! I called. I knew i didnt have a chance but whatever YOLO! "Guess what you are the 95th called you just scored concert tickets and a meet and greet before the show," said the radio host. I freaked out and went and picked up the tickets. I quicky called my best friend who is equally obsessed with them. She raced to my house. We freaked out and got ready together. I put on a I love British and Irish boys tanktop, a black pencil skirt and my favorite black heels. She put on a Niall T-shirt, high waisted shorts and red heels. We both straightened our hair. The drive was crazy but we got there quickly. When we walked into the meet and greet it was crazy. Zayn looked at me well more than a look a flirty glare and then ran over to harry he pointed to me and then walked over. "Un excuse me what is your name because sorry if this is creepy but you are drop dead gorgeous," Zayn malik the Zayn Malik of One Direction said to me. " Im Alyssa im a huge fan," I said. "Would you and your friend please go to my dressing room and wait there during the show," He asked. "We would love to," I said. "This is Paul he will escort you there," Zayn said. We walked down a long narrow hall way and into a room. Paul shut the door behind us. Me and my bestfriend MaKenna began freaking out. We sat in his dressing room for around a half an hour when he ran in shirtless and grabbed a varsity jacket. MaKenna and i sat and talked about how sureal this whole excperence was that we lost track of time. Zayn walked into the dressing room. "Blondie Niall would like to see you," Zayn said. Paul escorted MaKenna out and left me and Zayn in there alone. "So Alyssa where are you from," He said well pouring himself a glass of soda. "Im from New Hudson its about a half hour away," I said. "Thats good," he said. Zayn and i sat and talked for an hour when he leaned in for a kiss. I was just about to when Makenna opened the door. We all laughed. "Would you like to hang out tomorrow," He said. "Yeah um heres my number call me," I said while writing it down. He took it and MaKenna and i walked out. We ran down the hallway and out the doors. When we got into the car we freaked out. "Hey do u want to spend the night," I said. "Yes i would love to," she said. When we got home i ran into my parents room and told them what happened. After that i layed down and quickly dozed off what an amazing birthday(:

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