Abby's Secret

Abby is your average fourteen year old who has just moved from California to New Jersey. She tries to find ways to fit in and act normal but she's crumbling on the inside. All she wants is to go back to California and be with her three best friends who mean the world to her. Her little brother, Todd, gets to her phone and pretends to be Abby and texts a boy from her new school and says she loves him. He has a crush on her and she knows it. Is Abby going to tell this boy the truth that it was actually Todd who texted him, or is she going to lead him on and crush his heart in the end?


8. "What Are You Doing!"


“What are you doing!” I shouted from behind him with a towel wrapped on my head.   

He jumped when he heard me, dropped the phone on the floor, and ran out. I didn’t even bother telling on him, it’s not like my mom or dad were going to do anything that would make him stop. I gingerly picked my phone up off the floor and snapped the battery back in. I waited for my phone to turn back on and I had gotten a message from Josh that said ‘Wow, I wasn’t expecting that, but that’s amazing cause I think I have feelings for you too.’

I started to panic as I went to my outbox and found out Todd had messaged Josh and told him I love him so much and that he was the highlight of my life! I was starting to turn red, I was humiliated and I only knew this boy for a day and he thinks that I love him already. Now that he admitted he likes me and he thinks I like him back, I can’t tell him I don’t, right? That would break his poor heart. Then again if, I lead him on and make him think I’m really into him, he’ll just be upset at me in the end to find out I didn’t feel the same the whole time. I mean, he’s sweet, funny, and doesn’t have bad intentions and I can feel myself starting to like him, but not that much that I would want to date him. I was so frustrated, I’m glad to know he likes me instead of just thinking it but now that I he thinks I like him back, he may act a little differently and try to flirt. For one thing, I am not a flirty kind of person at all. I try to be cute and I fall or do something to embarrass myself. I have school tomorrow, what am I going to do when I see him?

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