Abby's Secret

Abby is your average fourteen year old who has just moved from California to New Jersey. She tries to find ways to fit in and act normal but she's crumbling on the inside. All she wants is to go back to California and be with her three best friends who mean the world to her. Her little brother, Todd, gets to her phone and pretends to be Abby and texts a boy from her new school and says she loves him. He has a crush on her and she knows it. Is Abby going to tell this boy the truth that it was actually Todd who texted him, or is she going to lead him on and crush his heart in the end?


22. Running Into Josh



                Last time I saw Josh, he was inside. I decided to go outside where most of the people were so that he wouldn’t spot me. Claire’s house was literally a mansion, I would kill to live in a house like hers.


                There had been no one by the drinks so I poured myself a cup of punch. I got my cup and tried making my way through the crowd of strangers dancing. There about 70 people all dancing to Dubstep and I was the only one with a drink. I got thrown around violently and spilled my drink. But not on myself.


                “I am so sorry! Oh my gosh, I ruined your whole shirt!” I apologized as I tried to wipe away the punch. His shirt was white, that was going to stain. I looked up and realized it was Josh. I shut up and stared at him and he stared back with a smile. He hated me and now I just stained his shirt with punch, I felt like a complete jerk.


                “It’s fine” he said, laughing.


                “Why are you laughing? I’m buying you a new shirt. I feel so bad!” I told him.


                He chuckled as he grabbed my wrist and led me through the crowd. The crazy, violent crowd.


                “It’s so noisy! Let’s go somewhere more personal!” He yelled over the music so that I could hear him. 

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