Abby's Secret

Abby is your average fourteen year old who has just moved from California to New Jersey. She tries to find ways to fit in and act normal but she's crumbling on the inside. All she wants is to go back to California and be with her three best friends who mean the world to her. Her little brother, Todd, gets to her phone and pretends to be Abby and texts a boy from her new school and says she loves him. He has a crush on her and she knows it. Is Abby going to tell this boy the truth that it was actually Todd who texted him, or is she going to lead him on and crush his heart in the end?


23. Kissing In The Moonlight


                He walked past the cornfield and down a trail in the woods as we talked.


                “Josh, aren’t you mad at me? What are we doing? We’re going to get lost” I told him as I was holding his hand.


                “We’ll find our way back and I was mad at you. But I understand now, you were just nervous. I can’t hold that against you.  And by the way, you look beautiful, I can’t resist talking to you.” He said with a smile as he stopped on the trail. It was dark and the only reason I could see his face was because of the moonlight that was shining through the bare trees.


                I looked down and smiled shyly. I tried not to show him I was blushing.


                “Abby, I know you don’t feel the same, but what I said in that message was true. I have feelings for you” I was silent for a minute and didn’t say anything, he continued  “Sorry if that made you uncomfortable.”


                I liked him back. I really did. I wasn’t uncomfortable, I just didn’t know how to tell him. I looked down at our hands and looked back up at him, I looked in his eyes.


                “I like you too. I’m so sorry.” I apologized as I locked my fingers into his.


                There was a long pause, just 3 minutes of silence in the middle of the woods with him. We were looking into each other’s eyes. He then smiled, a smile from ear to ear, I’ve never seen one of those smiles from him. We both leaned in and the space between us was quickly sealed with a kiss that lasted merely a minute long. My first kiss, and it was with him, in the moonlight.

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