Abby's Secret

Abby is your average fourteen year old who has just moved from California to New Jersey. She tries to find ways to fit in and act normal but she's crumbling on the inside. All she wants is to go back to California and be with her three best friends who mean the world to her. Her little brother, Todd, gets to her phone and pretends to be Abby and texts a boy from her new school and says she loves him. He has a crush on her and she knows it. Is Abby going to tell this boy the truth that it was actually Todd who texted him, or is she going to lead him on and crush his heart in the end?


15. "I'm So Sorry."


There I stood at the entrance of the bus and watched the doors close. I stayed there staring at the ground until all the buses pulled out, then ran for my mom’s car. I sat in the passenger seat, staring out the window. My mom asked about my day and I lied to her and told her everything was perfect, which it wasn’t.  

“I’m so happy to hear you had a good day Abby! I have some exciting news for you!” My mom said enthusiastically, then continued “Your dad got the job!”  

I jumped from my seat and yelled. I was so happy for him. My mom and I talked all about the interview and she told me what they thought of him. I knew this doctor career was exactly what he wanted and I knew he was happy, seeing him happy makes me happy.   

We pulled up to the house and I ran through the door without even closing it behind me. I told my dad how happy I was for him and gave him a bear hug. I let go of my dad and saw Todd sitting at the table behind him, then remembered the whole Josh thing. If it wasn’t for my brother, Josh and I would probably be talking right now. I went upstairs and changed into some comfy clothes and did my homework. I actually got to complete my paper without a giant scribble across the page this time. I checked my phone and realized Claire had texted me on my way home. She asked what happened with Josh. I told her he didn’t want anything to do with me, which was true. I spent the rest of the day in my room unpacking and texting my friends from California. I didn’t tell them anything about Claire or Josh, I didn’t want to make them feel replaced.   

“Goodnight!” I yelled downstairs as I walked into my room and closed the door. Whenever I say goodnight, I never actually go to bed. I plugged my phone in and got my bed ready to sleep in. I slipped on a long a t shirt and a pair of cotton shorts and threw myself on the bed and just sat there thinking. I came to the conclusion it would be a good idea to tell Josh I was sorry. I really was sorry, I only hurt his feelings even more by not telling him the truth.  

“I’m so sorry” was the message I sent him.  

He replied fifteen minutes later with “You lied to me, I can’t get over it. You had me thinking you liked me. I don’t want to talk about this right now. Goodnight.”  

I didn’t want to bother him anymore, at least I got my point across that I was sorry. I laid under my blankets on my stomach with my face pressed against the mattress. I turned off my lamp and tried to fall asleep. 

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