Sara was a 18 year old girl who loved to have fun,it was her best friends birthday party,she got drunk and got lost,until Zayn and Niall found her on the street,and almost got ran over by a car,so they decided totake Sara with them,Zayn starts to fall for Sara the instant he got to new her,but he couldn't express his feelings,and Sara started to fall for Louis,but she didn't know he had a secret girlfriend,she tries to stop liking him,but love can't die,or so she thought,when she spent a week with Harry and Niall,does she fall for Niall instead and move on from Louis? And does Sara ever find out Zayn likes her? Or will Zayn keep it a secret for ever


10. Talk to me

Liam's POV

I walked towards Lou's room,I knocked,he didn't open the door so I came in anyways.

"Hey mate," I wanted to go easy,I didn't know what was going on,but I still wanted to help him out. Mostly because I knew that Louis is extremly angry. I don't think me and the boys have ever heard him shout.
"Do you think i'm a bad person?"
I did a small gasp,Louis hasn't ever been this serious...
"Mate,what's going on! Tell me everything."
He opened his mouth and started talking. Wow. He had been keeping a girlfriend a secret he almost knew Sara. Why would he keep all of this from us?
"Louis,don't cry,I'm sure Sara will understand"
"It's not Sara I'm mad about! Niall is going to kill me! He loves her! He wouldn't ever let me talk to her again! And Niall is one of my best mates!!!!"
I just sat there. Niall likes Sara,Zayn likes Sara,Sara likes Louis. What an emotional rollercoasters this day has been.
"don't sweat it mate,give it some time" I patted him on the shoulder and Louis nodded and turned on the T.V. I left the room and thought,maybe I should talk to Zayn. But what do I tell him?

Niall's POV
Harry had feel asleep and then Louis came knocking on my door,
"Sara,can I talk to you?"
Sara looke at me,I don't know why but I guess she was asking me for permission or something,so I decided to just nod,she got up but feel on Harry
"OUCH! Sara!"
I chuckled.
Louis and Sara left. I needed to know what Was going on.
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