Sara was a 18 year old girl who loved to have fun,it was her best friends birthday party,she got drunk and got lost,until Zayn and Niall found her on the street,and almost got ran over by a car,so they decided totake Sara with them,Zayn starts to fall for Sara the instant he got to new her,but he couldn't express his feelings,and Sara started to fall for Louis,but she didn't know he had a secret girlfriend,she tries to stop liking him,but love can't die,or so she thought,when she spent a week with Harry and Niall,does she fall for Niall instead and move on from Louis? And does Sara ever find out Zayn likes her? Or will Zayn keep it a secret for ever


6. Liam,I think I like her

Liam's POV:

I took Niall home,and Paul called the docters and Niall is sleeping right now when Zayn came up to me.
"Hey mate,how's Niall?"
"Um,I think he's better probably sleeping,what's wrong you look confused"
"Liam,I think I like Sara."
Woah,I knew it would be about a girl but not her,he's only known her for the past 48 hours! Well he didn't say love,beacuse when Zayn says love that means he is stuck on that girl.
"Do you like her? Or love?"
Zayn took a while to answer but finally answerd
"Um,like,she seems so...she seems so much like my dream girl,"
I don't know what to say because the way Niall stood up for Sara and protested,and it seemed like he has a crush on her too,what should I say
"Zayn,I think if you tell her she'll think you're being to forward,try telling her after a week,but only if you still feel that way"
I have a small grin
He smiled,well a small one and said
"Liam,thank you,you're the best friend ever"
He gave me a small bro hug and walked down the hallway
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