Sara was a 18 year old girl who loved to have fun,it was her best friends birthday party,she got drunk and got lost,until Zayn and Niall found her on the street,and almost got ran over by a car,so they decided totake Sara with them,Zayn starts to fall for Sara the instant he got to new her,but he couldn't express his feelings,and Sara started to fall for Louis,but she didn't know he had a secret girlfriend,she tries to stop liking him,but love can't die,or so she thought,when she spent a week with Harry and Niall,does she fall for Niall instead and move on from Louis? And does Sara ever find out Zayn likes her? Or will Zayn keep it a secret for ever


4. Getting To Know Her

Harry's POV:

Sara seemed like a really nice girl,she was nothing like me,but more like Niall,she loved Nandos,she plays the guitar,she sings,she's 1/5 Irish,she's carefree,and it's like Sara and Niall are soul mates! Well so I think,we're just going around in a circle talking about each other,Zayn seemed very engaged,and intrested,VERY intrested...well he's Zayn,what do you expect.
"So Sara,where you from?"
I asked her,seemed like a casual question for some one who got hit by a car,I feel awful for her,
"I'm from Mulingar but spent most my life in Manchester with My friend Eleanor"
Louis started to choke while drinking his water,like he was shocked or something...Eleanor,Manchester...I really hope that isn't Lou's girlfriend,or so I should say secret girlfriend,he doesn't want any one too know beacuse he feels Eleanor would get hate.
"Louis,you okay?"
Zayn asked and Louis just simply nodded.

Zayn's POV
Wonder what happened to Lou,he never acts that strange. But I have problems of my own,Sara,she seems diffrent from all the other girls I know...like special diffrent,I think I might have found my own princess as Niall would say,speaking of Niall hoping he finds his "princess" in the grocery store. What's taking them so long?
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