Sara was a 18 year old girl who loved to have fun,it was her best friends birthday party,she got drunk and got lost,until Zayn and Niall found her on the street,and almost got ran over by a car,so they decided totake Sara with them,Zayn starts to fall for Sara the instant he got to new her,but he couldn't express his feelings,and Sara started to fall for Louis,but she didn't know he had a secret girlfriend,she tries to stop liking him,but love can't die,or so she thought,when she spent a week with Harry and Niall,does she fall for Niall instead and move on from Louis? And does Sara ever find out Zayn likes her? Or will Zayn keep it a secret for ever


8. Explaing over Nandos

Louis just stormed out of them room,I knew I had tears forming in my eyes,I don't even know why,I've known Louis for a week
"Sara,What,what happened??"
I quickly ran out of the kitchen crying. I ran into the room I was satying in I didn't lock the door,so Niall came in,
"Sara,what happened,you can tell me anything"
"Niall! Oh my gosh! I forgot to give you food let me order food"
I forgot about everything,I was heart broken,but why...can spending a week with someone mean you can fall in love? Well the way I was feeling I guess it can...


I told Niall everything,and I mean everything,I even told him about the party,I just din't tell him I was a light weight...I don't think I can tell anyone.
"Wow Sara,I didn't know you had a hard life,and you don't own a house anymore?"
I said no,Niall said I can stay with him as long as I want. He was so sweet. But when I told him what Louis did I can tell he got angry. Niall quickly feel asleep,so I decided to watch t.v. There was nothing good on,so I went to sleep to,I feel asleep on Niall's shoulders.

Louis POV

What did I do!!!!??? I know that Eleanr would be mad if she finds out that her boyfriend and best friend were snogging! And the kiss...the kiss was something...but still,I can't do that to my sweet Eleanor...what's wrong with me. I stopped and parked my car,I was outside of Eleanor's house,I had to tell her...she deserves to know,if I don't tell her I'll be torn,I have to tell her I kept saying to my self.
"Louis!!!! I havn't seen you for such a long time!"
She hugged me I felt even worse.
"Come in babe"
"I don't think you would like me too come in after I tell you what happened"
Her beautiful smile faded
"Lou,what happened?"
"I what Louis!!!!!"
"I kissed Sara!"
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