Sara was a 18 year old girl who loved to have fun,it was her best friends birthday party,she got drunk and got lost,until Zayn and Niall found her on the street,and almost got ran over by a car,so they decided totake Sara with them,Zayn starts to fall for Sara the instant he got to new her,but he couldn't express his feelings,and Sara started to fall for Louis,but she didn't know he had a secret girlfriend,she tries to stop liking him,but love can't die,or so she thought,when she spent a week with Harry and Niall,does she fall for Niall instead and move on from Louis? And does Sara ever find out Zayn likes her? Or will Zayn keep it a secret for ever


14. Chilling

I watched as Louis,Liam and Zayn left. Harry was taking a shower and Niall was on the couch watching t.v. "What are you watching?" I asked him. I was trying my best to act like nothing happened yesterday. "Switched at birth" I let out a snort "What??" he asked confused "Isn't that for girls?" "There is no shame in watching this show" I was laughing now,really hard "Niall,this show is like a chick flick except a show" we were both laughing. I went to the kitchen and got pop corn,and sat next to Niall. I don't understand why he finds this show so fascinating? The next show was Pretty Little Liars. I loved the show,but Niall said it freaked him out. So we couldn't watch it. I knocked on the bathroom door "HARRY! Stop hogging the bathroom!" He FINIALLY came out all drab looking, "I thought you took a shower?" "This is my normal clothing for chilling" These boys. I
Swear. "Fine where we chilling?" He gave me a -Your kidding me right?- look. "At home!" me and Harry both walked to the T.V. Sat down on the couch,Niall was in the middle,and started watching Pretty Little Liars.
Niall was probably the most scared during the whole finale. Me and Harry were talking about,how Toby! Toby!!! Out of everyone was apart of the A Team! Well know Niall was scared. So Harry decided we could go out for lunch. I had my driver license so I drives. I've had so much Nandos in 2 weeks we went to McDonalds. There I saw someone. 2 someone's. It was Eleanor and Emily. Wait,what was Eleanor doing here. In engalnd. U.K. She's supose to be in Pairs. I walked up to Her. "Eleanor?Emily?" then Niall walked up "Sara,you know these bitches?" we'll apparently Niall knew that Eleanor was a bitch but Emily? "What the hell are you talking about Niall?" I asked him. "These are the bitches who ran you over" Wait what. What.What!!!!!! "Excuse me?" Eleanor and Emily ran away. They think they're gonna get away that easily? I don't think so.
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