The Real Nightmare

Inspector Natasha Bloom has a terrible and absolutely heart breaking nightmare. The difference is that this one is not one that just one that you forget the next morning, this one was real. She had entered her nightmare and it wasn't just bad it was worse than worse. Will Natasha be able to find the murderer/Criminal along with her ever so loyal assistant Mathew Smith? Read and find out!


2. Why?


So here is Chapter 2 which is more eventful then the first. I hope you enjoy it :)



Chapter 2


Natasha Bloom's POV

I was still running as fast as I possibly could. My house was now insight which led me to a sudden stop. I stood there still not wanting to move, not wanting to get every step closer to my nightmare.


I didn’t want to face it; I didn’t want to face the truth.


I couldn’t even imagine it happening let alone it being real. I didn’t know what to do. I stood there silently with an empty brain when a gust of wind forced me to move forward. I didn’t run; I just walked as I didn’t want it all to occur all so quickly even though I knew it had already happened.


I walked slowly and quietly on the empty footpath unaccompanied. I knew that I was only a few steps away from entering my horrific nightmare. I just hope that my thoughts are totally wrong and nothing has happened. The last step I took before I was at the door surprised me; the door was wide open giving me chills.


I took the last step only to hear the horrendous screams. I knew it that it was Claire who was screaming. The screams came from upstairs from her room. I ran upstairs with all my might missing every one step and taking big and long strides. There were specks of blood all over the landing leading to Claire’s room; had anything happened to her?


When I got to Claire’s room I was in for a shock. A major shock! My heart was pumping blood so fast around my body as if it was competing in a race with someone or something. In the end my heart was right and my mind was wrong. Why couldn’t it be vice versa?


His blood wrapped around his body like ribbons wrapped around a present. His dark blue eyes were crying blood so innocently. His soft hands were clenched tightly; there was something in them. A flood of tears came out of my small brown eyes as I saw him there lying lifeless on the carpeted floor.


I crumbled down to the floor against the door. “Natasha, look what happened. Who did this? Go and call the police. Go hurry up.” Claire was commanding me while her eyes cried innocent tears. But I didn’t move, didn’t utter a word. Only then did it sink in to me that he was dead, he was no more…


My dad James was dead; he had been murdered and I will find the murderer. I wiped the tears of my face and stood up strongly and boldly telling myself that this was my fight for justice on behalf of my dad. As a detective, I, Inspector Natasha Bloom am going to investigate the mysterious murder of my beloved father. I needed to get to my dad’s murderer.


I told Claire and Amber that I will be the one investigating this murder and finding the real murderer. At this my two sisters stood there looking confused, astonished and horrified at how simply I took it. But they both said in unison “we are with you Natasha, we are always there for you.” I forced a little and gentle smile through my tears.


With this I told them to get the transparent evidence packets of different sizes. Firstly I opened my dad’s right hand to find a piece of paper with the words “Claire” and “Amber”. I was surprised firstly to see the name of my two sisters.


And then to see that the handwriting was not my dad’s but my cousin Sarah’s which surprised me as she was in Manchester or that’s what she told us. Also my dad was left handed, why was the piece of paper in his right hand? Millions of unanswered questions spun around my head like a never stopping wheel.


But I put all my thought aside for now as the most important thing was to collect evidence against my dad’s murderer. I put my detective gloves on and put the piece of paper into one of the clear evidence packets. My dad’s hands were full of blood yet not a single drop of blood was on the piece of paper.


It then struck me that the murder weapon was missing. By the looks of the wounds on his body, it was possibly a knife but not a very sharp one. I looked around the room for the knife but I couldn’t see it. The murderer must have taken it with him.


I took samples of blood from different areas in the room just to see if the murderer’s blood was there by any chance, and if luck was with me then the murderer's blood would be there but that is just unlikely as luck has turned it's back on me; on us.


I then decided along with my sisters that we have to send dad’s body for Post Mortem for them to find the real reason behind the demise of my dad James Bloom. I had decided to forget about the fact that the murder was of my dad; instead it was the murder of James Bloom who was just another person, part of just another one of my investigations.


But why would anyone murder Him?



Hope you guys enjoyed that. It was a bit longer than the first chapter.

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