The Real Nightmare

Inspector Natasha Bloom has a terrible and absolutely heart breaking nightmare. The difference is that this one is not one that just one that you forget the next morning, this one was real. She had entered her nightmare and it wasn't just bad it was worse than worse. Will Natasha be able to find the murderer/Criminal along with her ever so loyal assistant Mathew Smith? Read and find out!


1. Heart v/s Mind?


Hi guys! 

Thanks for giving this story a try and I asure you, you won't regret it. This the first story I am writing and I am very nervous. Please Please support me. THANKS a ton!! This chapter is unventful but I promise the next chapter is 100 times better.




Chapter 1


It was a dark, dreadful yet peaceful day; no thunder, no lightning and no rain according to the weather forecast but the deep and horrific feel within the pure and dark clouds was telling me a completely different story altogether.


Something was about to happen; something that could change my life forever.


My mind consistently telling me it is something as delightful and breath taking as the beautiful sunset I was watching right at this moment yet my heart was not prepared to believe my mind, my heart had in fact decided that it would be something as frightening as ...; it was as if there was conflict between my heart and mind which would be on going till the apparent life changing news was broken to me.


Just while I was getting carried away it struck me that my phone was ringing; i grabbed it just when it stopped ringing. I looked to see 13 missed calls from a private number. I called back to the number only to hear that the number i have dialled does not exist.


I laughed to myself surprised at how only about 30 seconds ago i got 13 calls from a number that doesn't even exist anymore. Normally these sorts of things don't bother me much at all but today ... It did matter.


Although WHY did it matter so much today?


It was getting rather dark now and i needed to go home where my elder sister Claire, my dad James and my younger sister amber were waiting very patiently for me.


We were going to go out for dinner tonight like we always do on a Thursday. I had a feeling though that today was going to be different and that when I reach home i will get a major surprise; i had no idea whether it would be good or bad and just that thought put my heart and mind in conflict one more time.


I decided to throw the thoughts out and started walking home as it wasn't the shortest of distances by foot. I never walk but today i wanted to, just to see how if felt; walking while the sun gives the last bit of its light before the dark takes over for the night.


I have always been afraid of the dark since that day, that nightmare I had; I sincerely hope that nightmare remains as a nightmare and never ever does it come to haunt me; to haunt us.


It was getting darker and darker as the sun was now set and te moon was nowhere to be seen as if even the moon was afraid to be out in the drk yet today wasn't te darkest of days for which i was glad.


The coldness was now wrapping itself around my body making me shiver and my body shake with fear and anxiety.


My watch showed me that it was now 10 o'clock; I was about to call Claire when I realized that my phone ran out of battery. I used a phone booth to call her but she didn't pick up. I called home but nobody picked up yet again. 


After several attempts I gave up.


I ran frantically the rest of my way home; I was scared, worried and frightened because I knew that the nightmare had begun but the difference was that this time it was for real.


My own words spun around my head like a riddle as i knew what was coming; I had seen it all yet there was no way I was going to let it happen.


Although however much I tried I knew it was going to happen and there is no way I could stop it because the worst part of the nightmare had already struck.



So thats the first chapter of the story.   I haven't said who is talking yet but i will in the next chapter :) 

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