Thinking bout you

This is more of a rap than a poem ;;; It was originally a song called Thinking Bout You by Justin Bieber ft. Jaden Smith however this is my version of one of the verses :) Hope you like it!!!! <3


1. <3

I've been thinking you, so now you know,

And I really wanna tell you that I love you so,

But just in case your confused, I'n not for show,

So lets live, laugh, love and go with the flow,

Your my baby boy, coz I'm older,

But when I'm sad and feeling down you can be my holder,

That's why I wanna be in your arms, but just for the day,

Coz if my parents catch us, I'll be locked away,

But lets just have some fun boy,

As long as we're near,

Coz when I get up on Monday it's like I'm gone for a year,

And when you meet me at the park, I'm making it clear,

That your my forever and I love you my dear,

But boy I'm so ......... scared!!!,

Coz of what my parents say and everyday that I don't see you,

We're slipping away,

And all my friends think I'm crazy,

Coz they don't know that I think about you daily,

Coz I be........

Thinking Bout You

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