Hanging With The Crowd

It's kinda random...o.o


2. The happy couple

Carl P.O.V

  "She's only joking, of course you're our friend!"

   I have to admit, I was getting kind of worried, and seriously starting to regret saying yes to their invitation to join them now... they both seemed to be kind of, far fetched. Not the usual kid of girls I liked to hang out with.

   "Soo...you never said, what brings you here today?" The pretty girl, Casey said. 

   "Well, like I said, I was hanging out with a couple of my mates, then they decided they'd prefer to go see a movie together than hang out with me, so I was just standing around, deciphering what my options were."

   "Wow, that's deep." Lacey practically had saliva dribbling down her chin as she stared into Carl's chestnut brown eyes. His freckles...

   "Uhm, not really, aha." Carl's voice implied he was starting to feel awkward around us, and I didn't want that to happen, so I intruded on their 'conversation'. 

   "Well, as we said. I'm glad things panned out like they did, otherwise, me and Lace would be worrying how to get home, instead of having fun, like we are now!"

   "Awh, that's cute."

   "Yeah, Case, like, well cute." Lacey was giving me the 'evil eyes', but flicking her hair around pointlessly in case Carl turned to look at her, which he didn't. As he was standing inbetween us both, some of her extensions attacked his face, and he turned to give her an annoyed facial expression, but she just looked down to her phone, which was bleeping.

   "Awwwh! Georgey, that's like, ultra sweet! Case, look at this! Look at what George sent me! Isn't he just, like, the cutest?!" I knew her game, she'd played it waay too many times in the years I'd known her. The jealousy card. Otherwords, hard to get. She had this idea that if guys knew you were off limit, they'd want you more. Not in my experience they didn't. Trust me. 

  "Hey baby, wat u up 2? Ily x" I read aloud, reading off Lacey's phone. "What the hell?! Isn't he dating Natasha or something?!"

   "Yeah, but see, he loves me! I'm gonna go, me and George have a relationship to discuss, if you know what I mean hehe!"

    "No Lace, I never have any idea what you mean."

    "Oh, you've got the jokes hun! And that's why I love you, oh wait! You." She changed her beaming face to a death stare as she turned to Carl, "How do I get to the train station from here?"

    "We'll walk you there." He said to her, then he turned to me and whispered, "No offence, but I'll be glad to get rid of her!" I giggled.

   It took us 20 minutes to get there, and once Lacey had bought her ticket, I saw her get out her phone and text George, obviously to tell him she was coming and she'd be there in an hour.

   Me and Carl started to walk away, laughing at how today had turned out. I'll admit, I was freaking out at me and Carl being alone together, in a city I had no idea of. 

   "Hey, I'm not gonna lie. Like Lacey, I have no idea where anything is here either! Hahaaha!" 

   "Ah, no worries. I live here, so I can show you around." We smiled at each other. I could feel myself falling, and I knew it was going to be painful when I hit the ground. 

Carl P.O.V

   At last, that other girl Lucy or whatever had left. Gah, she was the most annoying person I'd ever met, and I'd met Jedward. 

   "Hey, I'm not gonna lie. Like Lacey, I have no idea where anything is here either! Hahaaha!" Her laugh was perfect, she was perfect. I knew I was falling waaay too fast, I'd know her for what, an hour?! But, I lived here afterall, and I felt like all I wanted was to keep her safe, and keep her mind from worrying about anything, so I reassured her by saying,

   "Ah, no worries. I live here, so I can show you around." 

   We wandered around the town of Cambridge for 25 minutes, before I remembered the park my mum had found when she was my age, which she used to take me to...when she was alive, 14 years ago.

    "Are you hungry? I'll go grab us a burger or something..." I asked her. 

    "Actually...I'm a vegetarian, but thanks anyway. I am kinda hungry though, now that I think about it..." Ohmygosh, I'm a vegetarian as well, throughout the day we'd spent together, I'd found out we had quite a bit in common.

    "Ahaha, same! I just thought you seemed like the kinda girl who would eat meat...sorry."

    "Okayy...haha. Where do you normally eat around here, if you eat out?"

    "At a restaraunt, just down the road from here. It's a vegan place."

    "Oh cool! Let's go there!"

Casey P.O.V

   We walked for 4 minutes to a place called 'The Pear Tree'. It was gorgeous! It was a white brick building, with multicoloured flowers growing up the side of the house. Wildlife found shelter within the daisies which were situated within the flowers, butterflys fluttered around the bees that hovered over the singular tree, placed next to the bench which was sat outside for people who liked to eat in the fresh air, on which a couple sat.

   "Cam! Heyy!" Carl called over to the boy sitting with a girl on the bench outside, waving.

   "Oh hey Carl, what you doing here?!"

   "I'm just with a girl I met in town, Casey."

   "Woh, you two have similar names!" The girl chimed in.

   "Hahaha, I guess." 

   "Well bro, you scored!"

   "Oi!" The girl said sarcastically, playfully hitting her boyfriend in the upper arm as they both laughed. They seemed like they were so in-sync with each other, I'd love to have a relationship like that. 

   "Soo...I guess we'll leave you two to it. Haha, cya tomorrow at school guys." Carl said, as he pushed me inside the building.

   Once we were inside, and had been taken to our table, I said to Carl,

   "So, who were they? They seemed nice."

   "Ah, they're the mates that ditched me for the movies, they're great mates of mine." I started laughing. "Hey, what?" 

   "great mate. Haha, it rhymed, sorry. Ahahaha."

   "Oh-kay...aha. So anyways, what do you wanna eat?"

   "Sir, madam, if it's just you two eating, and you're both ready to order, then there's our couples loveseats over there." The waitress said pointing to the red, heart shaped chairs at the back of the room, where there were already 2 couples seated, who were getting a little too close for comfort in a restaurant. 

   "OH! We're not...haha, we're not dating...no." I laughed pitifully to the waitress, she looked confused, while she said,

   "Ah, I see. You two just look good toget- Sorry, not my business!" She put her hands up as a criminal would if they're surrendering. "So, are you ready to order?"

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