Hanging With The Crowd

It's kinda random...o.o


1. Meeting Carl


Casey P.O.V

 The wind whistled past me, without a care in the world. My hair flustered, tying knots as I’d been shown how to 10 years ago in scout camp.

   “Casey… Get back here! NOW. Don’t make me have to count to three.” Those words were enough to make me run and fear my life. I ran until I could no longer find the air to breathe, my legs gave out and I fell to the floor, gravity defeating me.




  “Mum? Hey, mum. I’m going out for a while, I’ll be back soon, I promise.” I whispered to my mother, who was sleeping on the couch. She mumbled a ‘hmm’ back, which made me assume she’d heard. Later, I’d found out that I was wrong, the hard way. But first, I’m going to write about the good times, what happened between then and now, just to fill you in.



“Hey Case! How are you? It’s been too long!” Lacey screamed in my ear.

   “You only saw me yesterday…”

   “Exactly! That’s 24 hours, gawsh. It’s like you haven’t missed me at all! Should I be offended? Cos I am…”

   “Seriously?! Ok, yes, I missed you… so no, you shouldn’t be offended. Happy now?”

   “Awh yay! Casey’s back! I thought you’d been replaced, by like one of those green things that come from Mars Bars?! Can you believe it?!”

 She had a particular tendency to be blonde, as you can tell. Apparently, the way she describes aliens, is ‘green things to mars bars’, and you also reach the conclusion, that she thinks a chocolate bar that she eats daily for breakfast is also a planet of which humanisation is yet to be restored.

   “Actually, I can believe that coming from you…”

   “Hey, heres an idea, let’s go s.h.o.p.p.i.n.g!”

   “Why do you always feel the need to spell out shopping instead of just saying it?” I asked as we started walking through town.

   “Oh, don’t be silly, silly. Oh hey! They’re building a New Look! Please please please please pleaaase take me inside?!”

   “I will when it’s finished…”

   “What about now? Is it finished now? Can you take me in now? Let’s go in now…”

Theres one thing you should know about Lacey, shes been my best friend since like, year 4, but even back then when we were only 9 she was still a little too immature for her age and excitable. Especially when it comes to shopping, and she had been like it since. I don’t know what her parents did to her when her mum was preggers with her, and when she was born, but it must have been bad, because I know of no other children and adolescents that are as bad as she is, but at least she can hold a conversation and you can have fun with her.

    “Like I was saying, it’s not actually-” I tried explaining again, but yet again, I was interrupted,

    “Ugh. What happened to yolo?”

    “Oh, I don’t know, maybe it flew away with your brain?”

    “Hey, you don’t have to be so mean. YSS.”


    “Yes, YSS.”

   “Er…care to explain what that is, exactly?”

   “It means Why So Serious!”

   “Of course it does. Wait, you do realise why is spelt with a ‘w’, not a ‘y’, don’t you?”

   “Rea- Oh, haha! You almost had me for a second there! I know it’s spelt with a ‘y’, stop trying to make out I’m stupid!”

   “Oh yeaah, cos that’s what I was trying to do, you figured me out. Soz boz.”

   “Hahaha! Let’s go inside!”

 Lacey ran off inside New Look, even though there wasn’t any clothes inside, which you could clearly see from the large windows looking in on the building, which showed no sign of human life what-so-ever.  

 About 10 seconds later she came back out and said,

   “Hey, Case? You wouldn’t happen to know where all the clothes are would you? What if there’s a sale! And I’m missing it! Oh no, this can’t be happening! Case, what am I going to do?! I haven’t even got my 100 summer shoes yet, I’ve only got 92, where am I supposed to get the other 10?!”

   “1, if you have 92 pairs of shoes, you’d only need 8 more to have 100, and 2, this shop isn’t even open yet, you weren’t even supposed to go inside, so don’t look up at those cameras ok, we’re just going to walk away…”

    “Excuse me girls, you wouldn’t happen to have seen a girl walk inside our shop just now would you?” A masculine voice called behind us. We turned instantly and froze. He had a bald head, and little trace of a stubble, and the biggest, bluest eyes I’d ever seen. You could literally see them from half a mile away. He wore a black suit and tie, looking formal and as if he’d just stepped out of a business meeting, which we presumed he had.

   “Erm, no we haven’t. Sorry. Bye.” I answered quickly.

   “Not so fast. You.” He pointed at Lacey. “You look just like the girl we caught on ta-”

   “I’m pretty sure shes not, so if that’s all then good day sir.”

 I pulled Lacey along with me as we began to walk away. I heard the man sigh behind us, but didn’t dare turn round in case he wanted to talk anymore. Lacey and I had shopping to do.

   “Good day sir! What was all that about?”

   “That was me getting your ass out of trouble. What were you thinking?!”

   “Well how was I s’pose to know that a shop in a shopping centre wasn’t open?!”

   “Er…well seeing as they’re still building it and there’s nothing inside…I’d say that was a big hint.”

We passed lots of different shops like, Boots, Marks and Spencer’s, Topshop, Waterstone’s and McDonalds, all the while, Lacey was asking whether they were open and if she could go inside without getting told off again. I started by answering her, but after the 35th question, I’d had enough.

   “Lacey! Seriously, I’m gonna leave you here, by this bin” we slowed down while I pointed to a bin less than a meter away from where we stood. “If you don’t stop asking me about the shops. Yes, they are ALL open. What’s your deal?! You’ve been here before.”

   “But, I haven’t. I lied so you’d come with. My daddy won’t let me out here on my own. This is my first time here… so please don’t leave me here alone.”

   “WHAT? So, you mean we could get lost and you wouldn’t know how to get back?”

   “Well, isn’t that sort of the point of being lost…you know, so you don’t know where you are…?”

   “Ohmygod. Is this all a massive joke to you?”

   “No, yolo.”


   “I would, but yolo…”

   “What does that even mean anyway?!”

   “You Obviously Love Oreos…”

   “That doesn’t make any-”

   “Actually, ma’am, miss. If I could butt in, yolo, I believe is slang of which popular TV shows such as ‘Drake and Josh’ use. If you would pardon me for a second while I look up what it means exactly on my new phone.” His thumb and forefinger danced over his iPhone, until he said, “Aha! It means, You Only Live Once, and then you die. It has been taking the world by storm since January 1 2012, and in reply, I believe some would say ‘UYAC’ which is, if you’ll pardon me again.”

 His fingers danced over his phone again while Lacey and I looked at each other, asking silent questions and shrugging in return.

   “Ah yes. It means Unless You’re a Cat, which, by legend means cats have 9 lives…or is it 8? Hmm.”

 Me and Lacey turned away, and just walked. As far away from the creepy man as possible.

   “Case, smile…you must admit, so far today has been pretty fun.”

   “Well, I can safely say I’ve never had a day like it before.” And then we both started laughing.

 When we’d finally stopped, we looked up to try and find our way back home, but I laid my eyes on the cutest boy I’d ever seen; my heart turned to jelly, and my mouth dropped open wide. A boy had never had this instant effect on me. I tried to tell Lacey, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He started turning round and walking in our direction, my expression immediately changed, while I tried acting cool.

   “Ohmygosh. Casey, look at THAT…” She pointed towards the boy with the brown flicky hair, and Justin Bieber smile. The boy I couldn’t look away from. I know it’s the cliché for the girl to fall for the cute boy - who could easily be a brother of One Direction, but it was really happening. Right before my eyes.

 And then Lacey started running over to him, so I tried to grab her hand to pull her back, but I missed, so I ran after her screaming,

   “No, Lace, no! Stop! What’re you doing?!”

 But I was too late, he’d seen her, and she’d seen him. She slowed down when she got to him and offered him a handshake, which he reluctantly took, as they both shared a smile. I couldn’t hear their conversation, so I started to walk over. As I got close, I heard the boy laugh at Lacey and reply something I couldn’t quite catch.

   “Lacey, what are you doing?” I grabbed hold of her shoulders as shook her a little, then I turned to the boy and said, “Sorry about my friend, shes a little…disturbed.”

   “Oh, ok. Haha. Hi, nice to meet you both anyway, my names Carl.” He held out his hand, and I shook it. His voice was so deep, and he had the brownest eyes I’d seen in a while, ones you could melt chocolate in.

   “Hi, nice to meet you too, Carl. I’m Casey…”

   “That’s a pretty name,” Lacey was looking at him lovingly while giving me a death stare – if looks could kill. Carl noticed and said, “And, of course, so is...Lacey, was it?”

    “Yes, hehe, thank you.” Lacey said grinning from ear to ear.

    “Uh, you’re welcome. So, what brings you two to Cambridge today?” Carl asked.

    “We were just hanging out, you?” I replied.

    “And I’m so glad we came today,” Lacey said, flirting, she brushed her arm against Carl’s, batting her eyelashes and smiling charmingly.

    “Ok then…” I assumed the sarcasm in his tone was from the creepy way Lacey was trying to flirt with  him. I’ll admit, I was shocked it wasn’t working; it did with every single other guy Lacey had ever liked, what with her platinum, long, blonde, shiny hair and face natural make-up’ed face.”Anyways, I’m here with a mate, but he’s with his girlfriend, so they kinda ditched me for the movies, and now, I’m not sure why I’m still hanging around here, it’s not like there’s anything exciting happening today.”

    “Why don’t you just hang out with your girlfriend?” This is Lacey’s way of finding out whether she was free to work on him or not, if he did have a girlfriend, chances were she’d try to split them up, or just move along to the next guy.

   “Well, I would, but people might think I’m weird.”

   “Why? Is she some kind of weird, punk girl?”

   “No, nothing like that…but she’s kind of, imaginary…”

    “What?! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!” Lacey literally couldn’t stop laughing, I didn’t see why; as she used to have an imaginary friend who she’d even tell to ‘bog off’ at the end of the day, when she needed to sleep.

   Carl turned to me and said, over Lacey’s hysterics, “You know I was joking right?”

   “Yeah, but good luck explaining that to Miss. Hysterical.” I pointed over to Lacey.

   “Er, thanks. I think?” Carl said, looking worried.

   “Hey, that’s alright. I was joking, I’m her best friend; I’ll talk to her. Wait here.”


Carl P.O.V

 Two girls had come over to talk to me, and I’ll admit, the one that started laughing catastrophically was kinda annoying, and wasn’t fit at all, I think her name was either Lacey or Lucy…whereas the other one, Casey was gorgeous. I knew I didn’t love her instantly like in all the romance books, which was a load of rubbish, but I knew I liked her as a friend, and she seemed to be a really good one, the way she dealt with her friend. Instantaneously, she stopped laughing and looked scornfully at her friend. 

 I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but they both came back over after some time had passed and smiled at me, I felt kind of awkward, but smiled back at them both anyway.

 Finally, Casey spoke,

   “So, we were wondering if you wanted to hang out with us.” After a slight hesitation, she carried on, “Obviously, you don’t have to, but you said you didn’t have anything else to do, so…”

   “Yeah.” I replied, I had no doubt in my mind it would be fun, but maybe awkward.



   “Can we all stop saying ‘yeah’ now?” Lacey was trying to hide to annoyance in her voice, but failing.

   “Yeah.”  Casey and I said in unison.

Casey P.O.V

 So, this gorgeous boy agreed to hang with us, hopefully it wouldn’t be too…silent. Crap, why did I even invite him? I didn’t even know him like, a minute ago. As Lacey would say, yolo. And she did.

   “Carl, just so y’know, this is only because of yolo, it’s not like we even like you or anything.”

   “Oh well, thanks, for not liking me I mean, that makes me feel reaaally special.” He said sarcastically.

   “Shes only joking, of course you’re our friend! 

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