A Fresh Start

When Marissa and Ciara move to London England from Canada things become a little.. strange, Marissa ends up dating Liam Payne and soon after, they both realize it just wasnt meant to be, but what else happens, you'll just have to read it to find out.

(this is one of my old stories from my twitter page)


16. Zayn and Marissa

*nialls pov*
"guys. whats going on?" "liam thinks they rushed into the relationship." "liam is losing a great girl" "we all know this zayn" ciara said and you saw zayn run to marissas room, everyone soon followed. "you okay marissa?" "hm.. yea zayn im .. im fine.." "your phones not." "no i hope its broken." "because your heart is?" zayn said and marissa got up and went to her balcony
*zayns pov*
you followed marissa to the balcony, she didnt deserve to be upset. "yea. i guess you can say it is.." "he doesnt know what hes doin marissa" "i think he does.. he said we rushed into a relationship, and that im always on the phone with justin, im sorry justin is like family and has been since we were three i gotta talk to him to keep him out of trouble." "i get it, do you think you should try to get liam back?" "no, he said 'just friends' so i just agreed.. theres nothing i can really do. i mean i have 4 great friends from liam.. i cant just never speak to any of you again, it'll be weird for me to be around him for a month or so, i mean we didnt even date that long. but it felt like forever.." "forever isnt ever long enough." "you are quite the poet there arent you zayn?" "cant help it. but seriously, time will heal this little break up, and you two will be the best of friends i just know it." you said and she hugged you "thanks. i hope we can be the best of friends, you 5 are all amazing, you all have your moods but still." she said and hugged you again, you two went to leave when she saw niall, harry, louis, nadia, and ciara watching you two "um, anyone ever hear of privacy or does that not exhist anymore?" "it doesnt exhist over here" niall said laughing and marissa pushed passed him doing a fake laugh your phone vibrated and you looked at it, it was from liam
liam: go for her now, you deserve her.
you: WHAT MATE?! you dumped her so i could date her are you stupid?!
liam: no that isnt why. but it just dawned on me. you really are better for her, go for her. slowly.
you shook your head and put your phone away with an angry look on your face "whats wrong zayn?" harry asked and you looked at him and rolled your eyes "liam texted me, he wants to hang out saturday" "so tomorrow?" marissa said looking down "dont worry no one will let it be awkward !" louis said and ciara laughed "marissa can make anything awkward" ohmygosh ciara i hate yo uso much right now." "love yah" "um hello i need to figure out how to get to nottingham for the foregin exchange program tomorrow" "i gotta help my sister zayn tell liam im sorry i couldnt make it tomorrow. i gotta figure out how to get to nottingham to help her settle in with the family." "i know exactly how to get to nottingham" "great so now we lose marissa and zayn tomorrow god!" "why dont we just move the plans to sunday" marissa suggested and you nodded "no problem" "but i could use help from some of my favorite people tomorrow!" she chimed and threw her arms around you and niall "of course we will help!" niall said and ciara smiled big "yay more time with harry" she said and harry kissed her "awe you two make me sick" marissa said smiling when you and niall kissed her cheeks at the same time "YOU THREE MAKE ME SICK" harry shouted while laughing "okay well we gotta get up at 6am tomorrow, so boys, you two be here by 8 the latest" marissa demanded and you harry niall and louis left.
you got to the house and grabbed a spoon and went to liams room to throw it at him "YOU STUPID FUCKK!" you said and threw it right at his head "ow zayn that hurt.. oh my god a spoon" "YEA WHY WOULD YOU HURT SUCH A BEAUTIFUL GIRL WITH SUCH A BIG HEART FOR NO FUCKIN REASON?!" " i had a reason zayn and i told her!" "oh you also told her that you were going to text me to tell me to go for her!" "no i didnt but she needs someone thats not me!" "SO YOU CHOOSE ME! sure shes beautiful and nice and understanding but really! LIAM! GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS!" "my head isnt in my ass, and i just want to be her friend! you clearly want more stop yelling at me!" liam shouted when louis niall and harry came running "what is he going on about?" "here read this text from liam and you tell me what im going on about!" you yelled at harry and threw your phone "LIAM WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" "that isnt oh my god guys listen to me for fuck sake!" liam said and repeated to the boys what he had already told you "but still to have the nerve to text your bandmate after you dump her that he can have her is wrong!" harry said and liam just looked down and told everyone to get out of his room.
*marissas pov*
"i cant believe you are here nadia this is so surreal, so what are the days im allowed to see you?" "um.. weekends i think?" "okay, well remember be safe!" "i will sis i promise!" "good, i cant sleep i just got my baby sister and gotta give her up in a few measly hours so im pulling an all nighter i can sleep tomorrow."
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