A Fresh Start

When Marissa and Ciara move to London England from Canada things become a little.. strange, Marissa ends up dating Liam Payne and soon after, they both realize it just wasnt meant to be, but what else happens, you'll just have to read it to find out.

(this is one of my old stories from my twitter page)


10. Strong friendships

*nialls pov* "whats wrong?" you repeatedly said and she was crying so hard she could barely breathe "marissa take a deep breath what is going on? what did you just do?" she looked at you with fear in her eyes and she cried harder "marissa breathe" you said and hugged her then called for everyone else ciara and liam were the first ones there "riss what happened why are you crying?!" ciara screamed and marissa cried harder on your shoulder you heard zayn and louis and harry get to marissas room but couldnt see them, "niall youre bleeding" liam said and you shook your head and heard liam gasp and run to marissa "why babe?! what possessed you to do this?!" he screamed and took her in his arms and she sobbed into his chest. "marissa! answer liam! what the fuck is going on?! you havent done this since ... oh no did HE call?!" "NO!" marissa screamed and ciara walked up to her "guys .. what do we do?" you heard zayn whisper to louis and harry, and you waved your hand for them to come in the room. "marissa what happened then! what the fuck cant you tell me! your best frien-" "MY FATHER IS LOOKING FOR ME OKAY CIARA! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?! DADS LOOKING FOR ME! GOD ONLY FUCKIN KNOWS WHY! HES BEEN OUT OF MY LIFE FOR 5 YEARS! OKAY!" she screamed and got up and ran to the bathroom slamming the door. "um, guys can i have a minute with marissa.." liam said and he walked to the bathroom. "babe.. can i come in.. please.." he said and you heard the door open and slam, ciara got up and ran to the bathroom to listen. you did as well. marissa: i fuckin hate my dad. liam: babe, you are half way round the world, he cant get you. marissa: thats what you think.. i was here in england.. well nottingham with my aunt and ciara the year my father started hitting me. he flew here just to "see me" but when i got "out of line" he would hit me more. liam: i wont let him do that to you babe.. i promise.. neither will the boys. its five against one, i promise i dont want anything happening to you.. *zayn knocks on the door* "guys.. can i come in..?" he said and marissa opens the door a little "why zayn.." "because i can help you." "get in here." zayn: i know someone on the police team here we can make sure your dad doesnt know where you live. or if he does he cant come near you. marissa: okay.. *you knock on the door* "marissa.. we can all help in some way." she opened the door a little "see babe i told you, look even niall can help, hes just a leprechaun you know" you heard marissa laugh a bit. "see look marissa look at my white shirt, your blood is on it, if that doesnt prove im a good friend i dont know what will." you said and she opened the door and hugged you "thank you niall, thank you harry, and louis, and zayn, babe thanks.. and ci.. im sorry for being bitchy you just know -" "dont gotta explain yourself riss i already know cmon best friend for life, that us." "WE'RE THE FOUR BEST FRIENDS" you scream and marissa laughs again.  *marissas pov* "thank you again.." you said and they all hugged you "VAS HAPPENIN HERE BOYS?! VAS HAPPENIN HERE GIRLSS" "a very strong friendship now shut up zayn you are ruining a good moment!" louis said and you walked over to the medicine cabnet and put gauzpads on your bleeding cuts "wait riss!" ciara said and you panicked "no no no no" she hit your arms "what did i tell you the last time you did this? next time it happens.." "youd punch them.." "i just slapped them now never again" "i promise ci.." you said and taped on the gauz pads and ran to the couch "oh ci what was it that we were suppose to watch?" "oh i dvr'd it cuz someone was being an overachiever in the pool riss" she said and went to the program, "you guys had an interview today? " "just watch." they all said and ciara pressed play.

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