A Fresh Start

When Marissa and Ciara move to London England from Canada things become a little.. strange, Marissa ends up dating Liam Payne and soon after, they both realize it just wasnt meant to be, but what else happens, you'll just have to read it to find out.

(this is one of my old stories from my twitter page)


3. Starting out with Liam

"what do you mean by g-" *forever young i want to be forever young...* "its ciara again" you said and liam answered it and deepened his voice alot "you want your friends, go to your house" he said and hung up laughing "wanna watch a movie?" you asked and he smiled "i would love that actually." * "okay we have nightmare before christmas, the corps bride, never say never, just married, uhh... idk we have alot" "lets watch nightmare before christmas? this should be fun." liam said and you put the movie on and lied on the couch with your head on his stomach. unknowingly you started singing, the only guy that has heard you sing was justin, and youve known him since you were 3. "this is halloween this is halloween, everybody hail to the pumpkin king- omg.. i cant believe i just sang that part.." "it was quite good actually. and cute." he said looking into your eyes then at your lips and he leaned in for a kiss. and you did also when ciara, louis, niall, harry and zayn barged in the door "YOU LET THEM G- wait a second.." harry said and you turned bright red. "were you two about to kiss?" louis asked and sat super close "psshhh noo" you said and liam threw a pillow at louis "bullshit." niall said and you felt liam give him a look. you burried your face in liams chest in embarrassment while laughing "riss. room. now." ciara said laughing, she was trying to be serious but with you two nothing could be serious unless you were fighting, you got up and skipped to your room and she slammed your door  "MARISSA LYN I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU !" "what did i do?" "YOU HAD ME WORRIED I THOUGHT YOU AND LIAM WERE KILLED! but on the plus side, im so happy that you broke your rule. and you and liam are soooo cute!" she said and hugged you then went back to pretending to be mad and opened your door and you laughed while leaving and laying back on the couch with liam "cmon we are watching a movie, join us guys" "liam, we have that thing tomorrow.." "no hazza that is wednesday, not tomorrow" "oh right, okay lets stay..lets stay alll nightt" harry said grabbing ci on the other couch  ** you woke up the next morning with liams arms wrapped around you and your face burried into his chest, you slowly sat up and looked around, ci and harry were on the other couch, zayn was in the recliner, niall was on the floor, and for some strange reason louis was on the table? you moved again and felt liam move too -crappp- his eyes opened to you looking around "omg did i wake you?" you asked and he shook his head no. "cmon lets go on a walk." he said rubbing his eyes. and you threw on sweat pants and a tanktop with flipflops and followed liam outside "do you want coffee or tea? or breakfast?" he asked and you shook your head no and he put his arm around your shoulder and kissed the top of your head. "after you fell asleep i was thinking of what you meant by being a 'good different' " he said and you laughed "what is it that you thought i meant?" you asked and he looked at you. "im still not sure." "i meant that as.. you're datable. youre different, no guy ever can meet my standards, they always have something wrong. but not you. i mean, youre tall, nice, cute, funny, caring, you just met me yesterday and you wanted to be alone, but didnt want to have sex, i dont know. guys back home, except justin, all they wanted was a one night stand, i kinda figured most guys were like that and i never planned on meeting you.." you said looking down and he stopped walking. "did i say something wrong?" "no, you said everything right." "what do you mean." "i mean.. youre different too." he said and grabbed your hand and you walked up to some house "liam where are we?! if someone sees us here they could call the poli-" "this is my house. i need different clothes. and i need a shower. you can go back to sleep, this is my bed. but be quiet my mum is sleeping. remember its 6:30am." he said and kissed your forehead and you went right to his bed and fell asleep again.

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