A Fresh Start

When Marissa and Ciara move to London England from Canada things become a little.. strange, Marissa ends up dating Liam Payne and soon after, they both realize it just wasnt meant to be, but what else happens, you'll just have to read it to find out.

(this is one of my old stories from my twitter page)


13. Problems?

*marissas pov*  "how am i gonna cover these?" "riss how did you cover them before?" "i had liquid coverup.. but i only use powder remember?" "i'll buy you some okay? i will be right back." ciara said and you nodded, you texted justin because you felt like you should tell him about your relationship.. before someone else tells him. you: hey jdrewbiebs.. got a sec? justin: uhh yea.. kinda. in the studio for a few..whts goin on? you: oh if you cant never mind. justin: riss.. ur my sister.. seriously tell me whats goin on? leggo! :D you: um i have a boyfriend.. justin: ...you do? y you: idontknow! because i like him and he likes me!? for fuckin once justin cant you be happy?! like what the fuck. justin: im sorry u just always seem to get hurt.. you: idgaf if i get hurt now.. hes not like the boys in stratford.. justin: who is it?  you: um.. hes.. in a band.. justin: famous ?  you: hes in one direction. famous in the uk. xfactor contestents.. justin: yea i met them..they r cool..now which one are you datin? niall or zayn? you: not niall, but hes very sweet..and not zayn..but he is very funny. justin: louis? or.. harry? wait theres five right? whats the fifth ones name again? he kind of looked like me when his hair was straight? you: liam. justin: right! that was the others name, he seemed chill you: no thats who im dating liam. justin:well. then.. i need to remeet this kid.i'll go wit nad to england on saturday. you:no justin. thats fine.. i dont control who you date. justin: thats different im a guy ur a girl! you: idgaf!i hate selena. but you dont see me saything that to you. you:fuck fuck fuck i didnt just say i hated selena, justin: yesss you diddd :D hahahaha i knew you did though. my mom told me. cait did too.  you: now i feel like a bad big sis. hey i gotta go its late here.. um.. yea text or call me later bye little bro love ya! justin: love you too big sis.  you plugged your phone into the charger and ci walked in your room "here is your coverup.. and your boyfriend is .. back? haha" she said and you sat up in your bed and liam walked in. "hey babe, why are you back?""i cant lieto you." "okay.. liam you are scaring me.." "no dont be scared its not bad i promise!" "okay.. its nearly midnight and you walked all the way here because you cant lie to me .. what do you expect me to think?" "i dont know babe but please sit down, its not bad i promise you, just trust me." liam said and you sat on your bed and he sat next to you "okay so when you went to change, well into pajamas earlier i told the boys and ciara about how .. i want to take things slow.. because i really like you, and you are different.. but when you put on that i dont know what it was that costume? i just.. well.. wanted you.. " he said and you took a deep breath "oh thank god" you said and he looked at you weirdly "no i mean, i want things to go slow too babe i do! but gosh i thought you were gonna say you cheated on me, or some girl kissed you.. or something" "no! i wont do that too you. i promise. i just wanted to tell you, it wasnt fair to you that i told everyone else but not you." "no i get it completly i do. you didnt have to tell me, its okay babe" "no, i did though, well im gonna run back home and i will see you at ten." "why dont you jsut stay here?" "the boys are waiting for me.. but tomorrow morning babe!" he said and kissed you then left.

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