A Fresh Start

When Marissa and Ciara move to London England from Canada things become a little.. strange, Marissa ends up dating Liam Payne and soon after, they both realize it just wasnt meant to be, but what else happens, you'll just have to read it to find out.

(this is one of my old stories from my twitter page)


6. Pressure

"YOURE WHAT?!" zayn said jokingly and niall and louis looked at each other "how cuteee" they sang and harry thought for a second. "harry?" ciara said and he looked at you and liam "OHH THATS WHY CIARA PINCHED ME!" he said and you laughed so hard "wow hazza you are pretty slow there arent you?" you said and liam laughed also "so.. now we are the 7 best friends that anyone has haddd" niall sang and you giggled "yea nialler .. suree.. but the real song is 'we're the four best friends..' " you sang and stopped cuz you hate your voice "did she?" "yes she did" "can she do that again?" "i believe she can!" harry said and you shook your head no. then ciara smiled "just sing the two words : forever young." she said and you tightened your grip on your mouth and shook your head no "oh babe what was that?" liam said and you shrugged "was that a yes?" and you shook your head no "oh a no.. okay can you move your hands from your mouth?" and you looked around and thought for a second then shook your head no again. "oh.. okay.. no kiss.. cmon guys lets leave marissa and her miming alone." "WAIT!" "she speaks." "i have vocal chords louis" you said and gave him a look "fisety" zayn said and you took a deep breath "do i REALLY have to sing?" "no, not if you dont want. all we said was that you had a little .. sweet .. voice. we could barely hear you, we just wanted to HEAR you" he said and you looked at him "im sorry ive really only sang in front of ci and justin" "okay im sorry but who is justin" "justin .. bieber.." "OMG YOU KNOW BIEBER?!" niall screamed and you got scared "yeah.. i grew up with him since i was 3.." "AND YOURE NOT FAMOUS IN SOME WAY YET?! I THOUGHT I WAS LUCKY CUZ I GOT HIM TO WAVE TO ME BUT YOU YOU KNOW HIM?!" "yes now look its not about justin.. hes my best friend, he knows pretty much everything, even though i was last to know about him and selena.. who i told him NOT to date cuz shes a fame seeking whore-" "marissa!" "im sorry i just dont like the girl. nick jonas, taylor lautner.. no my practical brother!" you screamed back and saw that liam sat down. and looked .. well speachless. "liam whats wrong mate?" niall asked and he just sat there "very defensive about justin marissa.." he said looking around "its only because hes literally a little brother to me, not how selena saw him. but to me. i was there when he was 2 and i was 3, and i promised to always look out for him. i even had to watch him after school when i was 10 and he was 9. because he couldnt be trusted when grandma and grandpa went on holidays. the kids a menice. he gets into everything. still. when he was leaving for his first tour he read my diary first. and called ciara to laugh about it." "guilty.. i also wanted to know who you were crushing on. i didnt think you would pick an ALMOST famous person." "hes famous now." "and youre still crushing on him" "oh.." "liam she means you!" niall screamed and he stood up "oh!?" "yea .. see ciaras aunt lives here in england, and she would record the x factor.. like.. even when you guys were doing the solo auditions.. yea i saw liam and was like "hes soooo cutee!!" and ciara made fun of me for crushing on someone i didnt even know." you said and looked away embarrassed "well, you know me now, and you have me. what do you think so far of your new boyfriend?" liam asked and you shrugged "i dont know..he seems to get a tad jealous when i talk about my practical brother.." you said and he laughed. "okay, story time. marissa you first." liam said and the seven of you sat around liams living room.  everyone looked at you ciara giving you the "dont mention anything you arent ready for yet" face and you just shook your head. so many memories filled you head.. the worst was when your dad was arrested.. even though it should have been when you were raped. "okay so long story short.. my dad was abusive..i have medical problems.. my dad was arrested.. my mom remarried.. and i have 1 sisster and a step brother." "marissa thats not a story.. please i WANT to know about you." you took a deep breath and started "okay.. wanna hear the whole story? here it goes..."

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