A Fresh Start

When Marissa and Ciara move to London England from Canada things become a little.. strange, Marissa ends up dating Liam Payne and soon after, they both realize it just wasnt meant to be, but what else happens, you'll just have to read it to find out.

(this is one of my old stories from my twitter page)


4. New song. *short sorry*

when you woke up you heard liam talking to his mom. "mum im sorry i didnt call, but i met someone very nice." "liam dont you remember what i told you? i dont want you getting hurt" "mum no shes different, thats where i was last night and you know me mum, please meet her." "liam." "mum." "where is she?" "i brought her home this morning so i could get changed into different clothes, and have a shower, but when i walked into my room she was asleep again." "well boy wake that girl up." "but mum we just met yesterday, remember ciara, harrys .. uh .. girl?" "yes i met her two days ago." "shes ciara's best friend." "ciara seemed nice." "marissa is too." "so let me meet her li" "mum shes sleeping." "fine, im going shopping when she wakes, tell her i want to meet her and that she will be spending the night with you and i, i guess you can invite the boys and ciara as well. but AFTER dinner liam james!" "yes mum." he said and ran up the stairs you lied down and looked at your phone. "um, marissa. can i ask a favor from you?" "sure liam, what?" "my mum wants to meet you..tonight..for dinner.. the boys and ciara can come too .. but after dinner, are you okay with that?" "yes that sounds fine." "are you sure? i feel horrible its last minute" you stood up and kissed him. "its fine, now that you're ready, lets figure out what i should wear. whoa i slept until noon!" you said and laughed and he nodded. * you got back to your house and ciara looked at you "where were you two?" "my house" "yea li get it in" harry said and winked and liam looked at him "no. we went on a walk and ended up at my house, she went into my room and fell asleep i took a shower" he said and you laughed and elbowed him "oh and my mom wants to meet her." "thats a big step and you two just met yesterday, you arent even boyfriend and girlfriend." ciara said and slapped harry "what babe, we're dating, youre meeting my parents next week remember?" "oh yea" she said and smiled "outfit ?" she said looking at you and you nodded. "watch tv or something guys. we will be back in.. oh and hour or so" you said laughing. *liams pov* "liam its your turn to write a song, sure we can help but you gotta start it" zayn said and you nodded "i have a title so far.." "what is it?" "wmyb" "really an acronym?" harry said and you slapped him. "w stands for what?" louis said and you laughed "exactly louis" "what does w stand for?" "WHAT!" "oh." "mstands for me!" "no. makes." "oh y stands for.. you" "good youre catching on." "what makes you... whats next?" "b is next and im guessing it stands for beautiful?" niall said and you jumped up and hugged him. "what makes you beautiful..ohhhhh" "now i have lyrics at home..well a chorus. its okay, we can do verses tomorrow" you said and put on the tv, your band was on tv from an old interview "turn it off i see this all the time." "niall when are you going back to ireland?" "next week to visit my family. i miss my mam." "cute." louis said and marissa walked out of her room...

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