A Fresh Start

When Marissa and Ciara move to London England from Canada things become a little.. strange, Marissa ends up dating Liam Payne and soon after, they both realize it just wasnt meant to be, but what else happens, you'll just have to read it to find out.

(this is one of my old stories from my twitter page)


12. Nervousness

*liams pov*  marissa walked out in some of her gypsy costume and she started laughing -woah..she looks.. really good..- she started covering her stomach and zayn pulled at her arm and she looked at him "what?" "what am i going to wear? you look like.. idk, and im-" "BAGGY SWEATPANTS!" ciara screamed and ran to a third bedroom that you didnt know they had "babe.. you look .. wow.." you said looking her up and down and saw that she started blushing "come here" you said and she sat on your lap "hi liam" she said putting her face very close to yours and you just kissed her with so much passion.. you kept thinking stop but you didnt, your hands went from marissas face to the sides of her stomach then her hips where you pulled her closer when you heard louis "oh yup harry look at liam, all grown up making out with his girlfriend so much." "no no they are about to have sex, you can just tell" harry said and marissa pulled away laughing "no harry. no." she said and zayn walked out of the bathroom.. - when did he go in the bathroom and when did ciara get back..- "look at that the tannest in the house right now." niall said and marissa laughed so hard "my tan is fake! i promise!" marissa yelled when you started the video "this is marissa and i am zayn and this is jai ho! ready!" and ciara put on whatever you like by nicole scherzinger and you looked at her and she started panicking "my phones frozen! " "just kidding.. vashappenin people we're doing whatever you like and marissa already started dancing. so im slow i guess." zayn said and marissa started laughing in the middle of this hip thing she started doing "now dont do that marissa you cant laugh during a video" harry says and louis gets up and starts doing his classic dance moves when t.i starts rapping marissa was pretty much just the girl parts aka the whole song "i do whatever you like i do what ever you like i can do i can do i do whatever you like" she sang and you blushed a little and didnt quite know why "you guys are crazy!" ciara screamed and then take it off by lloyd came on "NO CIARA NOT THIS SONG!" marissa screamed and ciara started panicking so you put the camera down not remembering to turn off "oh hey look it skipped to my name is by eminem i like this song" you said and marissa started rapping  "hi kids do like violence do you wanna see me stick nine inch nails through my eyelids?" "hahahaha YOU CAN RAP !" "liam! help get this off why is my phone frozen?!" "its not you werent pressing the right song. whatever the video is done it was funny. anyways" harry got up and started pretending to rap even though he doesnt know the words  *marissas pov* "omg ci do you have uhh 'my dads gone crazyy' on there?" "i dont know lets just listen." "okay omg hailies song! i love this song." "liam you are very quiet whats going on in your head?" "i dont know.. " 'im gonna change quick guys.. " you said and ran to your room and put on sweatpants and a tshirt then ran back out there.. *ciaras pov* riss went to her room to change and then you got the truth out of liam "okay so i dont know seeing marissa look..sexy.. was a turn on.. gahh i really like her and i dont want to rush this.. i want her." "yea man your girl is hott. theres nothing wrong with letting her know that." zayn said and you saw anger fill in liams eyes "liam relax you know i wouldnt take her from you, i can be her friend" "youre right..see she makes me crazy.. in a good w-" "hey riss!" "um.. hi?" "hey babe, you look comfortable." liam said and she sat on his lapthen fell back to couch. "so what did i miss?" "nothing? so, tomorrow how are you gonna cover those cuts?" "i have my ways. trust me i can hide them" riss said and before you knew it the boys had to leave.

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