A Fresh Start

When Marissa and Ciara move to London England from Canada things become a little.. strange, Marissa ends up dating Liam Payne and soon after, they both realize it just wasnt meant to be, but what else happens, you'll just have to read it to find out.

(this is one of my old stories from my twitter page)


15. Meeting..

after a few hours of meeting the manager and the boys recording music you all went back to your house. "okay so in an hr ciara and i need to leave to get my little sister from the airport, who wants to go with us?" you asked and liam looked at you "im kind of tired babe." liam said and you looked down "oh okay.. " "i'll go with you marissa" "thanks niall. ci you gonna come too?" "nah someone has to keep an eye on the boys" "very true." "zayn, go with them." liam said and you looked at him weird "why wont you go with me?" "im tired, i dont want you alone" "niall is going." "and so is zayn. i cant afford to have anything happen to you" liam saida nd you rolled your eyes and went outside to call a cab
*nialls pov*
"liam are you okay?" "she left the studio to talk to justin bieber no im not okay" "but you're worried about her?" "yea zayn, i am. thats my girlfriend." "you're never like this liam, what the fuck is your problem, she told us shes known justin for a long time." "oh sure stick up for your favourite popstar niall just go with her" "i planned on it." you yelled and walked out of the house to marissa she was nearly in tears "are you okay?" "the last boy i fought with left me for being worried about justin all the time.. i dont want that to happen to me all the time, im just protective of him, hes really like a little brother to me.." "if i was your boyfriend, i wouldnt lash out on you like that" you said and hugged her when zayn walked out "liam has something up his ass today dont worry about it" zayn said hugging her too and the three of you left to go to the airport when you and zayn were almost attacked by fans "wait wait wait shh give us your twitter names and we will follow you but we need to help liams girlfriend get to the airport to get her sister okay?" zayn thought on his feet and the fans gave their twitter names and the three of you ran paps followed and marissa looked pissed "zayn give her a piggyback we'll get there faster" you suggested and put marissa on zayns back and you were right, you ran faster. -so much for waiting for a taxi- *they playin my jam- "he-llo?; no we are- ahhh zayn rock- running! we are running! almost there nad! i promise! o-kay love y-ou too; zayn it is not easy to talk while you are running" "its not easy to run with your elbow going into my shoulder either but i did it" "and so did i" she fought back and you stopped to laugh when the paps caught a picture of marissa on zayns back -fuck- "run again!" you yelled and were almost at the airport just one more block.
you got to the airport and marissa hopped off zayns back "wait, what happens if that picture gets into the media?" "they make up some rumor saying im your new boyfriend and that you and liam wouldnt last anyways, when you and liam are still together, dont worry, just gotta say the rumors are fake" zayn said and hugged marissa, she took off her heels and ran barefoot around the airport "okay gotta find continent- NADIA!" she screamed and threw her shoes and ran.
*marissas pov*
you threw your shoes and ran to your little sister "NADIA! oh my gosh i miss you! are you excited! you dont leave until september 3rd!" you screamed and jumped on your little sister "uhh riss, who are the two boys following you" "IM EXCITED TO SEE YOU AND YOURE WORRIED ABOUT BOY- ohh. thats zayn and niall they are from one direction. oh right you dont listen to them cuz youre a loser. remember how ciaras aunt always sent us posters of them?" "oh those boys, wait you know them now?" "we're friends, well im dating one of them" "uhh the dark haired one?" "no not zayn" "ohh the blonde one" "no not niall, youll meet my boyfriend when we get to my house, we can actually wait for a cab now!" "joy more waiting" "hey they ran here with me on zayns back okay?" you yelled and hugged your sister again "here are your shoes marissa" niall said and you laughed "thank youu!"
the cab brought you back to your house and liam was no where to be found. "uh.. lou? harry? where is liam?" "he .. left." harry answered upset and you held back tears "w-what d-.. do you mean?" "he just got up and went back to our house.." "why .. ?!" "call him." louis said and you ran to your bedroom crying and called liam
liam: hi.
you: w-why did you leave?
liam: i dont know. had to.
you: why?!
liam: i just did.
you:what are you breaking up with me or something?
liam: ....
you: really ? while your four best friends are here? and you leave you dont do this to my face? really liam?
liam: i want to start over.
you: how?
liam: we only knew each other for a day and then got into a realtionship. lets try friends then if we still want, relationship
you: so this.. what was this? you telling your fans about us, everything? and now.. this?
liam: please, i dont know what to do right now you are always on the phone with justin bieber i need you as a friend for now, i will still be protective, and everything but please, start over as friends.
you: fine.. friends.. bye
you threw your phone and curled up on your bed
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