A Fresh Start

When Marissa and Ciara move to London England from Canada things become a little.. strange, Marissa ends up dating Liam Payne and soon after, they both realize it just wasnt meant to be, but what else happens, you'll just have to read it to find out.

(this is one of my old stories from my twitter page)


5. Meeting his mum

*marissas pov* you were fixing your skirt when you looked up and had 5 boys staring at you. "what is this bad?" you asked and they shook their heads "then why are you staring at me like that." "marissa, ... vas happenin?!" zayn said and liam slapped his face "she is mine, back off" liam said and niall laughed "not for long man, there are three of us left, right marissa" niall said and you laughed "heyy nialler lou zayn" you said and liam looked at you "but i want you." you said and he smiled. "good, i want you too." "omg just fuck her liam" harry said and your eyes widened "HAROLD!" ciara said and harry laughed "im sorry, its just the way hes looking at her." "its a loving look harry. he clearly adores her" "well i adore you but i dont look at you like i want you in my bed right now, i joke like that." "i know you do, but riss doesnt." "well them liam and marissa im sorry if i offended you." "you didnt." you and liam said and laughed "2 hours till dinner marissa, want to go on a short walk, and be early? get dinner over with? " liam asked and you smiled "sure, i really just wanna meet your mom." you said and he smiled. "sadly my sisters will not be there, they are away on holiday right now." he said and you laughed "its alright." "you will meet them eventually though" he said and you walked to his house with him. "liam? is that you?" his mother screamed from the kitchen and he laughed "yes mum, marissa and i are here." he said and she ran to the front door "hi, im marissa." you said shyly squeezing liams hand "let me take a look at you" she said and literally looked at you, "you could be a model youre so beautiful." she said and you turned bright red "um, thank you very much." you said and liam rubbed the top of your hand with his thumb "relax marissa." he whispered and you loosened your hand a little.  dinner went well and liams mom wants you around more often. "im gonna call niall and tell him they can come over now." liam said and you nodded "so marissa how old did you say you were again?" "oh um i turned 18 in february." "oh liam turns 18 in august. good he needs someone a little older than him" "mum! i walk away for 3 minutes and you steal marissa again, come on the boys and ciara are coming over" liam said and you laughed "i hope to see you very soon marissa. nice meeting you." she said and walked away "so, now that my mum is gone, and they wont be here for another 10 minutes, i have a question for you." liam said and you looked right at him "what might that be liam.." "would you be my girlfriend? it would give me a reason to see you more instead of saying i need to leave to visit a friend when i am at rehersal." he said and your mouth dropped "ohmygosh yes liam! i would love to be your girlfriend!" you said and he took yourface in his hands and kissed you.  * "LIAM MARISSA WHERE ARE Y- whoa. makin out on the couch." niall said and you laughed. "no nialler, just kissing. not full out make out session.." you said and ciara looked at you with the "wtf is going on, you just met his mom and now youre sitting there with the dumbest look on your face" look. and you laughed and liam looked at you "omgg ciara!" you said and ran up to her and hugged her "wtf are you doing? what is going on you just met his mom and-" "YOUR FACE SAID IT ALL! check yo muthafuckin texts." "fine." "oh wait.. OMG!" she screamed and pinched harry "OW CIARA!" "harry! omgomgomgomgomg" and niall mimicked her "louis! omg omg omg omg omg" nial screamed and zayn jumped up and down "OMG LIAM!" "SHUT UP GUYS!" ciara said laughing and she poked you "you sit down next to yo man" she said and you shrugged and laughed "whoa whoa whoa whoa...man? since when is liam the man, thats me" louis said and you laughed hysterically" "guys, liam and i are dating..."

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