A Fresh Start

When Marissa and Ciara move to London England from Canada things become a little.. strange, Marissa ends up dating Liam Payne and soon after, they both realize it just wasnt meant to be, but what else happens, you'll just have to read it to find out.

(this is one of my old stories from my twitter page)


8. LazerQuest

*marissas pov* "no babe, its bad enough you havea toy g-" "pew pew pew pew ... pew" "this is why im saying no." "no please cmon it will be me you and ciara and niall and louis and zayn and harry cmon it will be very very fun!" "you sound like a three year old begging for ice cream" "DID SOME BODY SAY ICE CREAM?!" louis screamed and you turned around "no! no i did not say that" "yes you did." "niall!" "what he has a point you know?" "zayn really?" "what is it that you had to use the refrence of ice cream for?" "liam wants to play la-" "no i said i want to go to laser quest." liam said raising his eye brows and you looked at ciara "oh gosh boys im so tired." "its only 7pm ciara." "really riss?" "so we're gonna go babe?!" "i guess so.." you said and all five boys started jumping around "i swear its like we're taking care of 5 little kids." "it really is i know. but they are all so cute. how could we say no and become the bad babysitters hmm?" "very true" "okay babe! we have exactly two hours to play then we can do something else." you said and liam put down the fake gun and scooped you up off your feet and you all ran outside.  "now look they have only been dating for a few hours now, and they act like they just got married" "shush. up. zayn." you said trying to kiss liam you saw a camera flash and got scared "ignore it babe, its just paps." "i figured that out.. it just scared me a bit." you said and he kissed you again. "what are you doing, this could be all over magazines by tomorrow" "and i care because?" "oh i dont know.. i thought you would like privacy?" "i do, but if i get to show you off to to the world, i will." "im sorry guys, but i cant wait to see how that picture comes out, you both look so cute. and hes carrying you. omg i cant even" ciara said and you laughed and got down. "okay so we need to go to laser quest? time is running out" you said and liam smiled "okay lets get a taxi and go to laser quest" he said and the seven of you got in a taxi and the song 'thinking of you' by katy perry was on, "ohmygosh this is marissas favourite song!" "ciara shut up for a second let me hear katy sing not you talkkk" you said laughing and everyone else did too. "because when im with him i am thinking of you thinking of you, what you would do if you were the one who was spending the night..." you sang in a whisper and hoped no one heard, then stopped singing altogether.  * you finally got to laser quest and liam was so excited "just. breathe liam. its okay. youre gonna get to play" "yes and so will you!" "wait a second, i dont remember agreeing to that" you said and he grabbed your hand "riss relax you'll have fun!" -did harry just call me riss? weird. ci must be rubbing off on him..- when you were all situated in you gear you grabbed ci just hid behing a wall. "if we stay here long enough let them play they wont even know we are gone." "HEY LIAM, HARRY WHERE ARE MARISSA AND CIARA?!" you heard louis scream and you mumbled to yourself. "ci.. when we hear them coming closer to here.. move to that wall" "alright good plan.. i feel like we are in a war?" "relax, its our boyfriends and their friends." "true but still" "good point.. shh..ready... run!" you said and ran to the next wall "okay now all we have to do is stay here.. look a corner ill sit." you said and realized someone was already there "sorry little b-.. zayn." "SHH i am hiding so they dont get me.. this is my hiding area and i normally win.. why are you two here?" "we dont wanna play so we re just.. hiding!" you said and laughed "I THINK ZAYN IS IN HIS NORMAL AREA" "thanks guys! run!" zayn said and you three ran to another wall and you pushed zayn and liam got him, you only know that cuz liam shouted "I JUST DEFEATED THE UNBEATABLE ZAYN" "i swear these boys are like kids." "yea well liam.. marissa and ciara are hiding behind that wall." zayn said being a sore loser and you laughed "run next wall!" and you pushed ciara "ohhh no you dont!" you heard harry yell as he and liam ran after you and ciara and you started laughing hysterically "no no no no no no no no no!" ciara said " i dont wanna play i dont wanna play!" she screamed as harry grabbed her and started tickeling her yo ugot worried because it was dark and you were still trying to hide even though ciara was caught you squeezed into a small space hoping no one was there, but niall was "get off my fe- oh hi marissa wait..where is liam?" "i dont know im hiding from him" "why? i need to get out i gotta get louis!" "too bad im hiding get out another way nialler" "fine.." niall said and you grabbed his arm "wait. do not tell anyone im hiding here" "okay okay okay" niall said and you laughed you started to get out of the small space by crawling when your hand was on someones foot. -fuck. this is either liam or louis.- you thought and looked up "hi babe." liam said and you laughed and started crawling away from him "no no no get back here" he said and picked you up "ahhh noooo i dont wanna do this anymore its scaryy" "babe, its just laser gate, relax. ready wheres louis or niall.." "i do not rat out friends that do not rat me out." you said and liam looked at you and you distracted him by putting your hand on his cheek and looking into his eyes "kiss me" you mouthed and he leaned in for the kiss, then he realized what you were doing "no! if you still want that kiss after we can , i need to get niall first." he said and you rolled your eyes "fine." you said "awe okay okay babe come here" and he kissed you, when he backed away he smiled and grabbed your hand and you saw niall run. and yo uheard louis makign weird noises "babe ill look for louis." you said and he nodded you turned one corner and saw harry and ciara laughing and what not, then you looked around the other and saw louis "MARISSA!" he screamed and you laughed "shush up! do you want liam to win or no?" "i dont care, i normally just get niall and im happy.. but hes like a jumping leprechaun.." "well he is irish." you said and you and louis laughed "so, should i tell liam you are over here?" "sure why not, wait! unless he already got niall." "i think thats who he was trying to get" "okay, liam can get me." "you sure?" "yes.. ITS LIFE OR DEATH OUT THERE MEN!" louis said and pretty much surrendered and liam runs up to him and you hear I GOT HIM HARRY!" and harry runs out of no where "so there is niall zayn and louis down.. YOU ARE GOOD MAN!" "can we leave?" ciara said and they all nodded "we have something to do tomorrow but we can all hang out again afterwards." zayn said and you looked at liam "yea sounds fine lets go im tired" you said and walked back to your house. 

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