A Fresh Start

When Marissa and Ciara move to London England from Canada things become a little.. strange, Marissa ends up dating Liam Payne and soon after, they both realize it just wasnt meant to be, but what else happens, you'll just have to read it to find out.

(this is one of my old stories from my twitter page)


11. Just some fun

*interview* I:"welcome one direction!" *crowd* I:"so boys what has been going on since the x factor? " N:"oh well harry got a girlfriend." H:"and niall and louis are dating" N:"are not! harry if louis and i are dating..then so are you and louis and zayn and liam and me and liam..wait this is gettin awkward.." I:"haha okay boys enough jokes so harry is this girl..serious?" H:"yes actually.. shes pretty perfect. i mean we met about a couple weeks ago, but shes like me in a way so we just fit perfectly. so yea. shes pretty serious. shes meeting my mum next weekend." I:"if that doesnt scream serious i dont know what does. what about you other boys any girls?" N:"yes! liam has a girlfriend too! they only met two days ago but act like they have been together forever. they are so cute" Li:"yea, the paps cought her and i sneaking a kiss outside a toy shop." Z:"just a kiss liam or more.." Lo:"oh zayn liam just kisses her once a day.." *rolls eyes* N:"if youre saying five million a day is once a day then yes louis!" Li:"well what about harry..he and c- his girlfriend kiss more than me and m- mine!" I:"hahaha okay boys, so harry, liam, do these girls have names?" H:" YES! my girlfriend, her name is ciara. shes cute. there are probably loads of pictures of us on sugarscape" I:"actually there is one, of you two horseing around hahaha" *shows picture* H:" i look bad in that picture hahahaha" Li:"thats a funny side of you hazza!"  H:" oh yea talk about your girlfriend now. see what pictures they have of you two." I:"okay liam, what is your girlfriends na-" N:"her name is marissa, shes nice." Li:"well niall answered my question for me. haha no her name is marissa, and she really is nice, she already met my mum." I:"so just two days into the relationship and already serious. wow liam. but we do have a picture of you two outside that toy shop, its quite cute actually, you two are inches apart and you are carrying her, i think its precious." *shows picture* Z:"haha hazza you can see your curls in their picture, but this could be on a fashion magazine or something look at this." *points to liams outfit* "its a nice outfit, and marissa looks good too!" I:" it looks like a photoshoot kind of, but you two are awfully cute, oh my looks like this is all we have time for, im sorry boys, we will see you soon!" boys:"bye!" *** "see riss, i told you that was gonna be one of the cutest pictures ever." "that really is.. and thats our first picture as a couple ever." "i like it im ognna have it framed and hung over my wall so i can see you two when i wake up" zayn said and you laughed hysterically"thats weird.. and creepy on so many levels.." liam said and you curled up to hus chest on the couch "im sorry about earlier.." you whispered "dont be babe, its okay i promise. just dont do that again..please.." he said and you nodded zayns phone rang and he looked at the boys "mhm..; yea we're just with some friends..yea harry and liams girlfriends; uh yea our song is finished we just need to record it.. yea.. so tomorrow what time.. wait all 7 of us? there is only 5 bo-; ohhh okay yea see you then" zayn said and looked around the room "meeting tomorrow, and we are going to the soundbooth." he said and liam sighed "what did you mean by 7 of us" "the girls are going too." he continued "oh boy what time?" "oh only at around 10am." so back home that would be... 5am gr okay" "get off your old timezone this is your timezone now!" "yea but i gotta remember because i call my mom and sister and what not.." "oh right.." "okay so ten am tomorrow guys, and yea. " "alright zayn we get it hahaha" "OMG RISS LOOK WHAT I FOUND!" "no ci.. put that video down now." "nope we're watching it" "NO!" "you forgot that time you performed for stratford star!!" "shit. ciara i'll give you 500$ now stop it!" "no! idc harry wanna watch marissa sing?" "yep" "liam" "yes i do." "niall?" "YES! hey remember we all just helped you now you let us get a reward." "FINE GUYS! watch it im going to sleep. im gonna take a nap. a little snooze if you will." you said and shut your eyes but could still hear it.. "nex up is a friend of the famous justin bieber, he is here to support her, and so is his mom, and her family give it up for marissa patraca!"  "I was sixteen years old when my parents went away, i was stuck inside a broken life i couldnt wish away.. he was wonderful, he got everything and more, and my escape was hidin out and runnin for the door. somebody listen please, it use to be so hard being me.. LIVIN IN THE SHADOW OF SOMEONE ELSES DREAM! trying to find a hand to hold, BUT EVERY TOUCH FELT COLD TO ME! livin in a nightmare a never endin sleep but now that i am wide awake my chains are finally free dont feel sorry for me...."  the song went on for what you thought was forever you hated your voice and hated that justin promised you a surprise if you did stratford star. and when it ended everyone was silent "i told you im horrible" "no.. you arent! lets watch it again!" niall said and you jumped up and took the remote "no. torturing marissa time is over." "oh riss, if you were so bad why did you get first place" "BECAUSE JUSTIN WAS THERE! they were all 'oh shes bffs with a celeb if i vote for her maybe he'll meet my daughter' NO i hate fakes. i would never do that again." "fine around the room.zayn how did marissa do?" "outstanding," "niall" "i already said she did amazing" "harry." "i like her voice.. it gets high pitched at the right parts.. and she was really good," "louis." "yeah and she had alot of emotion in her song.. but you messed up the words. what is that that ashlee simpson song shadow? isnt is six years ol-" "louis it was dedicated to bieber.. he just doesnt know" "oh then yes very well done." "liam." "im speachless. and she doesnt want me to hear this voice of hers because? its amazing..and wow.. i loved it babe" he said and kissed you and you kissed back, you never really got compliments, justin would always say "you missed a word" or "thats not the right pitch for you" he would try to make you "better" but you never got compliments. ever. "are there any more videos of you singing?" "there are a few.. from back home at cookouts and what not." ciara said and you slapped your forehead "no more!" "one more" "two more!" harry chimed in and you rolled your eyes "whatever no more telling me im good okay you can listen to me sing but i dont need the compliments. got it?" "deal" they all said and ciara put the video of you and her from a summer cookout "and here is marissa and ciara! singing and .. i dont know what ciara is gonna do but here they are!"  marissa: you can dress me up in diamonds .. you can dress me up in dirt.. you can throw me like a line man i like it better when it hurts. OHHH i have wated here for you i have waited YOU MAKE ME WANNA LA LA IN THE KITCHED ON THE FLOOR .... ci.. what are you doing.. ciara: i dont know the words so im just .. idk mouthing? marissa: YOU MAKE ME WANNA LALA IN THE KITCHEN ON THE FLOOR I'LL BE A FRENCH MAID WHEN I MEET YOU AT THE DOOR IM LIKE AN ALLY CAT DRINK THE MILK UP I WANT MORE YOU MAKE ME WANNA SCREAAAAMM  ciara: LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA .. omg i know this part justin: obviously.. shes just saying la la...  marissa: okay i dont want this song anymore.. ciara is being weird.. *pushes ciara in the pool*  justin : hmmm.. jessica simpson marissa? marissa: obv! *jumps in the pool* okay now im ready what song?! justin :hold on damnit. ciara: i am so mad at you marissa:shush readddyyyy ciara: OH AHH OHHHHH OH AH OHHHHH marissa: the real me is a southern girl with her leivis on and an open heart ;; but with you i can let my hair down i can say anythign crazy i know yo ucatch me right before i hit the ground with nothin but a tshirt on, i never felt so beautiful baby as i do now, now that im with you with you with you with youu *makes a heart*  justin: MY TURN ! PUT ON SOME CHRIS BROWN! marissa: videos over now.. *whispers to ciara* hes such a fuckin show off. but thats my little bro.. gotta love the kid.. "wow riss you were a bitch" "still am harryy still am." "okay last video riss promise!" "alright ci." "this one is recent..like two weeks before we came to england." marissa: omg this is my song ci! ciara: OMG JAI HO marissa: i got shivers when you touch that way, i'll make you hot, get all you got, i'll make you wanna say jai ho! ciara: i got fever runnin like a fire, for you i will go all the way im gonna take you higher jai ho! both: you are the reason that i breathe you are the reason that i still believe... marissa: catch me catch me catch me cmon catch me i want you now i know yo ucan save me come and save me i need you now ... ciara stop recording damn it! "what song was that bab-" "JAI HO!" "zayn obviously knows.." "it was in a movie. slumdog millionare.. oh well thats my favorite song! "marissa can you do the fast part?" "catch me catch me catch me cmon catch me i want you now i know you can save me come and save me i need you now i want you forever yes forever i will follow any way on any day never gonna let go.." "I WANNA LEARN! i like that song" "its her favourite zayn she just said that" liam said and you laughed "later zayn you can learn my ways later.. its just fast singing.. " "but its fun fast singing and i can sing it in my accent oh my gosh that would be so fun and we can put it on the one direction channel LETS DO IT!" "no zayn i said n-" "you wont become famous, trust us!" "fine." "thisshould be interesting. " "marissa put on your old halloween costume.. the gypsy !" "ciara i hate you"

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