A Fresh Start

When Marissa and Ciara move to London England from Canada things become a little.. strange, Marissa ends up dating Liam Payne and soon after, they both realize it just wasnt meant to be, but what else happens, you'll just have to read it to find out.

(this is one of my old stories from my twitter page)


1. Heading out to London.

"Riss your plane leaves soon!" your little sister Nadia screamed and you ran down stairs "now you have everything Marissa?" your mother asked and you nodded. "yes mom. I have everything, passport, license, 5 bags, one carry on.. uh.. anything else?" "yes." "what mom?" "me.." your mother said and started crying "mommy stop please, im only going for school, I need to leave this country" "you couldnt leave Canada and go to the US? you would have been closer!" "mom. i need new scenery. dont worry its Ciara and I remember? shes already in England" you said and your mom nodded "okay i love you, have a safe flight, call me i dont care how late it is!" "OH! Nad, your plane ticket. dont forget next week you leave" you screamed and ran out the door. you go to the air port and took a deep breath "i need a fresh start" you said and Justin Bieber ran up to you "Riss! your mom told me you left! i just got home! but have a safe flight, see you on my next tour!" he said and hugged you and you ran to catch your plane. **

12 hours later your plane landed in london, england. when you turned on your phone you had 4 texts from ciara "OMG OMG OMG JUST RAN INTO A STORE AND SAW HARRY STYLES!" "OMG RISS LAND THAT PLANE ALREADY I HAVE HARRYS NUMBER!" "OK LISTEN THIS PLANE NEEDS TO GET TO ENGLAND ALREADY OUR HOUSE IS WAITING FOR US AND ONE DIRECTION IS COMING OVER TOMORROW" "COME ON SERIOUSLY CHICK WHERE ARE YOU?!" you read them at baggage claim and screamed and everyone looked at you "uhh.. sorry.. bug" you said and heard someone laugh and say "uh American girl" -how. rude. I'm Canadian.- you thought and grabbed your stuff to put in the taxi, you were so excited that you were now going to be living in London. you couldnt wait to go to school for fashion design, you started freaking out a little when you pulled up to your house that you and Ciara's parents bought and pay for.  "MARISSA LYN! GUESS WHAT!" ciara shouted and you rolled your eyes "i know Ci, you flirted with Harry Styles, i know i know. i read the texts" you stated and she grabbed you, "AND I TOLD LIAM THAT YOU WERE PRETTY AND HE REALLY WANTS TO MEET YOU!" you escaped her grasp and screamed "YOU DID WHAT?! DO YOU REALIZE THAT I CANNOT AFFORD TO HAVE A BOY DISTRACTING ME ?!" you shouted and ran off to 'your room'

*ciaras POV*  

"Harry.. um Marissa is mad at me.. hey i bet if you guys come over like now, while shes in the shower trying to relax, she wont be mad any more because shes had a huge crush on Liam since the x factor." you said "yea love want all 5 of us there so its not like that bad?" "yes please hurry !" you said and hung up. "Ciara im gonna get dressed, sorry i yelled at you earlier, do you wanna show me around town?" Marissa asked and you smiled and nodded "its kay we're best friends" you said and she went in her room. about two minutes later the boys showed up "hey Ciara" Harry said with his gorgeous smile and you giggled "heey boys, shh Marissa is getting dressed and we can all show Marissa around town" you suggested and they all nodded "yea why not you seem like a cool girl, Marissa should be too right?" Zayn said and Liam looked at him "Dont worry Liam, shes all yours, i can have their other friend if they have any" "sorry Zayn just Riss and i" you said and Zayn pretended to cry when you heard Marissa turn off her music "shh boys!" you whispered and waited for Marissa to walk out, "Ci have you seen my....ohmygod" she said with widened eyes and you smiled.

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