A Fresh Start

When Marissa and Ciara move to London England from Canada things become a little.. strange, Marissa ends up dating Liam Payne and soon after, they both realize it just wasnt meant to be, but what else happens, you'll just have to read it to find out.

(this is one of my old stories from my twitter page)


14. Boys

*liams pov* you woke up to niall running around the house being extra hyper this morning "niall, it is 7am. how are you awake" "oh liam.. hi .. i didnt mean to wake up anyone, i just had a good dream is all.." niall said and you sat down on the couch "go on niall, what was it about?" "oh well .. you know this girl..shes with a friend of mine.. but in my dream they got into a .. a fight and she surprisingly wanted me, i mean no one ever wants me, niall, the irish one in the group" "oh niall dont say that about yourself, marissa thinks you are cute, its all fine, girls like you look at our fans, they dont just go for harry you know" you said and niall smiled "yea.. you.. youre right liam.." niall said and ran to louis. *nialls pov* "LOUIS I HAVE A PROBLEM!" "niall me too." "wait whats your problem?" "i really like ciara.. but shes head over heels for harry.." "thats like me! i really like marissa.. but shes with liam.." "we are horrible friends arent we.." louis said and you nodded a little "yea, but we arent gonn-" "CIARA WAKE THE HELL UP! WE HAVE TO BE AT THE MEETING SOON! DAMNIT WHY ARE YOU BEING SO RIDICULOUS RIGHT NOW; NO WAKE UP, WAKE HER UP TOO, GET OVER TO OUR HOUSE, AND THATS THAT; okay , yea you too; bye." you heard harry scream to ciara on the phone "harry seems to be in a mood this morning," you said and harry walked in the room "please tell me i didnt sound like a douchebag" "no you kind of did." "she drives me crazy sometimes, but i love her.." "you do?" "i think so.." "harry you cant lead the girl on if you dont really have feelings towards her" "i know i know.. she deserves better. but i dont want to get rid of her. " harry said and louis looked down "whats wrong louis?" harry asked and he shrugged and shook his head "so niall, i see how you look at marissa." harry said and you looked away "hey lets all get dressed we gotta leave soon, the girls will be here soon" you said and ran out of the room "zayn!" you screamed running to his room and slamming the door "dude relax, what is your problem" "ilikeliamsgirlfriend" you said and covered your mouth "oh not to worry, secrets safe with me, i like her too." "what do i do." "be happy and wait." "wait for what?" "an opprotunity." "to do what?!" "kiss her at least. i was hoping that night she would go with me, not liam, not to be mean, but she went with liam, and now i just wait." "i cant hurt liam hes my friend" "as mine too niall, but its your heart you cant help who you like. if i was datin her and knew you liked her, id atleast let you kiss her, then say 'okay give me my baby back' " "that is very very weird.. but nice i think" you said and sat down "okay we leave soon, go wait for the girls to get here." zayn said and you ran to the livingroom. "hi guys" you screamed running down the hall passing by louis liam and harry getting ready then the doorbell rang "got it" you screamed and opened the door.  *marissas pov* niall answered the door out of breath "hi niall?" ciara said and he caught his breath "hello girls sorry i was running to the livingroom when the doorbell rang" he said and hugged ciara and then hugged you "niall you smell really good" you said and he smiled a little "ha thanks.." -did niall just blush, awe so cute- the three of you sat on the couch and niall looked at your arm "hey you covered the cuts up." he said and you smiled a little "yea i did, hey i owe you a new white shirt by the way, mascara and blood on it.. im sorry" you said and he smiled a little "dont worry about it, pretty sure it can get clean with bleach" he said and smiled, you got up and hugged him "thanks again niall" you said and he shook his head "dont mention it" he said and the boys came running to attack you and ciara "ready girls, lets go!" zayn said and you laughed " the seven of you got to the studio, where the meeting was, liam grabbed your hand and you instantly became nervous "why do ci and i have to be here.. this is your thing.." "but youre dating 2 from one direction. so you need to go through this" he said and niall put his arm over your shoulder "hey dont worry, i bet the manager just wants to meet the two important girls to one direction" he said and semi-hugged you "yea niall is right babe, dont worry relax your grip on my hand" liam said laughing and you walked in the studio.  "liam, introduce your girlfriend" "oh right, this is marissa" liam said and you froze for a second "um.. hi.." you said shyly and the same happened with ciara.  "you two can sit over here while they record, it shouldnt take long." their manager said and you and ciara sat on the couch talking about everything then you pulled out a piece of gum "omg i want one" ciara said going through your purse "uh hey..riss..whats today?" "uh.. the 24th why?" "we need to get nadia later at the airport.." ciara said and you mumbled to yourself "whatever oh well nadia will call when her plane lands.. it wont land till like 8 or 9 anyways?" you said and ciara nodded "so i think im gonna finally change my ringtone. cuz yea, ive had forever young forever! hahaa" "so what song?" "jam by kim k! duh." "you are so weird riss.." ciara said and you downloaded jam by kim kardashian and not long after you changed your ringtone justin called you *and they playin my jam they playin my jam* "excuse me for a second" you said and ran outside you:whattt jdrewbiebs justin:im on my way to the airport  you: WHY justin: gotta see my big sis before i leave for my south america tour you:ohmygosh justin im gonna kill you im busy right now. justin: i wont be there till like tomorrow anyways, buyin a last minute plane ticket and what not. you: alright i gotta go though, call me when you land jdrew  justin:what makes you so busy right now? you:at the studio with one direction and ciara. and its rude to be out of the studio, i never left your studio meetings. justin: true, alright see you then big sis you ran back inside and looked at ciara "we havea problem." you whispered when you sat down and she looked at you.

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