A Fresh Start

When Marissa and Ciara move to London England from Canada things become a little.. strange, Marissa ends up dating Liam Payne and soon after, they both realize it just wasnt meant to be, but what else happens, you'll just have to read it to find out.

(this is one of my old stories from my twitter page)


2. Being shown around town

*marissas pov*

you walked out in your skinny jeans and converse and bra, but you didnt have your shirt on, everything else was ready to go, except your shirt "ci have you seen my.... oh mygod." you said and looked right at liam james payne "ciara.. can you um.. come here.." you said and politely smiled  "am i gonna die?" "no,but next time warn me! liam payne is in our living room,you said tomorrow!" "you were mad i had to do something! you like love liam!get to know him now!" "hes famous in the uk ciara! now pick out a shirt for me." "yeah but hes not like biebs, its not like they get mauled by fans... every day. relax, we're gonna show you the city" ciara said and you tried not to smile at the fact you were gonna be with liam until god knows when. "look at that you look great now, and havea shirt on. lets go" ciara said grabbing your arm and your heart was racing. "so do you always walk around in a bra?" louis asked and you laughed "actually. i do, but when no one is here. i didnt know you boys would be here. im marissa by the way." you said and waved "well im louis and this is niall and this is ha-" "harry liam and zayn, i know you boys." you said and ciara started laughing "she sings forever young in the shower" "shut up ci!" "thats cute.." liam said and you looked at him and started shaking "u-u-uh.. lets go walk around, wanna give me the tour guys?" you said searching for your words, and they smiled. "so where abouts are you from" niall asked and you smiled, you loved answering questions "ci and i are from stratford ontario canada." you said proudly and liam laughed a bit "but you girls have american accents.." he said and you looked at him and answered "you know, canadian and american arent that different." you said right before you tripped "are you alright?" liam asked and you laughed "yea, im pretty clumsy.." "as long as youre alright, you know you have the most beautiful eyes." liam said and you blushed "hey look over here !" niall and louis said laughing and you looked at them "wow she has amazing eyes, what color are they?" they asked and you shrugged "um.. green,blue,hazel, and brown.." you said and became painfully shy. you saw liam talking to harry and then harry wispered to ciara and she texted you "liam thinks youre really cute, soo.. we are gonna find a way to leave you two alone, he thinks its awkward with everyone and not to mention louis and niall and zayn are asking you the questions before he can! so..pretend you dont notice the rest of us leaving ;)" you read it and giggled a bit then looked up they had already left "omg am i alone?! omg liam? ciara? harry? louis?!" you screamed and liam wrapped his arms around you "shhh, youre not alone sorry i had called my mum" he said and you breathed "no joke i thought i was- omg i forgot to call my mom.." "you were suppose to call your mum?" "yea..when i got to the house..i'll call her now if you dont mind?" "no go right a head, here lets sit on this bench" he said walking over to a park bench, -awe.. hes wicked sweet.. and cute.. and omg- "mom?" you said and she started screaming at you "HOW DARE YOU NOT CALL ME TILL FOUR HOURS LATER! WHAT TIME IS IT THERE?" "mom.. relax please.." "à quelle heure vous êtes-vous là?!" "mom english please! you know its scary when you speak french to me.." "what time did you get there?!" "oh mom i got here at 4" "AND YOURE CALLING AT 8!" "mom! please dont yell at me." "what was so busy that you didnt call" "ciara said she ran into one direction and she started talking to harry and i am with liam payne right now do not yell at me" "youre lying marissa lyn give me the truth" you look at liam "do you mind.. talking to my mom for a sec?" you whispered and he nodded "hello? marissas mum?; um yes i am liam payne from one direction.; yea-oh..really? haha shes been nice. okay nice talking to you too goodbye" he said and hung up your phone.  "your mum seems nice" he said and you laughed "ohhh youre funny!" "why am i funny, she seems really nice." he said in his cutesy accent and slowly he took your hand in his. you got super happy but then you got a little scared, hes a celebrity, hes in a band, and well you just werent so sure, but i mean its just holding hands.  "are you alright?" he asked when you noticed you spaced out "yea, im okay. sorry about that i zone out alot some times." you said embarassed "no its quite alright. it was kind of cute too." he said and you blushed. suddenly your phone started ringing *forever young, i want to be forever young...* "im so sorry liam, please one more se-" "go ahead. i still have your hand remember?" he said smiling and you smiled big and took a deep breath "hello?" "riss! where are you?" "the park?" "aha! SEE LOUIS I WAS RIGHT THAT WAS THEM!; okay we're going to get you..so hurr-" "PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON LIAM AND MARISSA!" harry screamed in the background and you heard him in real life liam started laughing -uh.. his laugh<3- "bye guys.." you said and hung up "want to hide on them?" liam said and you laughed "of course." you said squeezing his hand and hiding behind a building  "oh yea ciara, where are these two?" niall said with his adorable irish accent "oh shush, no one asked you." "call her, i'll call liam." harry said and you started laughing and you and liam ran back to the house while ignoring their calls. "okay okay! lets just sit on the steps, its nearly 10 pm, they might just give up looking for us." you said looking at liam smiling and his smile grew "this might be a bit out of line for you but.. i know we just met today and all.. but .. can i k-" and you cut him off with a kiss, you could feel him smiling though the kiss. "you're different." you said and he gave you a look "a good different." you corrected yourself.

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