A Fresh Start

When Marissa and Ciara move to London England from Canada things become a little.. strange, Marissa ends up dating Liam Payne and soon after, they both realize it just wasnt meant to be, but what else happens, you'll just have to read it to find out.

(this is one of my old stories from my twitter page)


9. Bad news

the next morning you woke up to three texts  Liam: hey babe, i will be at your house around 3. with the boys also, you know we need to try a date for just us.. hm.. see you then ;) xxxx Justin: riss, call me asap i have shit to tell you! Nadia: mariss.. i miss you and my plane doesnt leave for like .. 3 more days.. OMG 3 MORE DAYS! yesss... kaybye <3 you rolled you eyes. and ran to the living room. "harry said they will be here around 3.. btw.. we should probably watch this channel at like .. 2." "why?" "we just should. wanna go grab breakfast?" "how about i make us bagles and coffee." "alright." ciara said and you put bagles in the toaster and put the coffee on and sat on the couch waiting  * after breakfast you decided to go in the pool "hey ci, wanna join? or should i just do laps around the pool like i would back home?" "um.. yeahh im gonn stay out of it today. remember be out by like almost 2." "okay mom" you said and she laughed a bit.  you did laps around the pool and just kept swimming not paying attention to the timeso you figured ci taped whatever it was that was on on the dvr. you started practicing as if you were still on the swim team back home *flashback* "GO RISS! CMON YOU CAN DO THIS! BEAT THAT GIRL!" you heard pattie scream from the stands, "and the winner is MARISSA PETRACA!" "woooo!!!" you heard the crowd and your family, and pattie. "where is justin?" you mouthed and they all shrugged "marissa we are so proud of you!" "crap crap crap riss im so sorry selena had this thing she wanted me to go to an-" "save it jdrewbiebs. ive heard it last time" "soo.. who won?" "me.. like always." you said and pushed passed him. **** you swam from end to end when you felt uneasy as if someone were watching you so you stopped and looked up no one was there. you did 15 more laps when all of a sudden a big splash came out of no where "OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG" you screamed trying to gasp for air but the waves were going in your mouth you reached the top of the pool and looked around "ciara?!" you screamed and blinked some more, when you realized, 6 others decided to go in the pool.. with all their clothes on. "babe are you okay?! LOUIS I SAID DONT JUMP ON HER!" liam said and you just grabbed his face and kissed him "im glad its you not some creepy stalker.." "no no babe its just us, and ciara. wait.. you swim fast.. when we saw you you were in the middle of the pool and now you are at the edge." "riss use to be a competitive swimmer. shes THAT good." "ciara, shushup." "babe you didnt tell me that" liam said giving you a kiss "no i didnt, i didnt mention alot haha..oh and excuse me, why arent you in swimming trunks? why are you in your normal clothes.?" "we did this for a photoshoot today we wanted to do it again." harry said and you laughed "you boys are crazy" you said and climbed out of the pool "owww owwww marissa strut it! *whistles*" louis said and you laughed then ran inside to get your cellphone remembering justin wanted you to call him.  justin:hello? you: um hi like omg is this justin bieber justin: marissa! how are you? how is england? you: oh .. um england is fun been walking around the city of london alot lately.. why.. um whats up? justin: im going on tour again! you: and thats what you had to tell me? justin: no. but um your dad is home. and he is looking for you you: jus, cant talk right now got plans love you little bro! bye! you said and hung up then ran in your room. *liams pov* "where did marissa go?" "i dont know acutally.. she just got out of the pool and walked inside" "i'll check on her, liam dont worry you know im good at this." niall said and you trusted him and watched him walk in the house ... *nialls pov* "marissa? where are you? liam wants you outside? .. marissa?" you heard crying coming from her bedroom so you just knocked "marissa.. are you okay?" no answer.. so you just creeked the door open and saw marissa in a sundress curled up in a ball on the floor. "marissa why are you crying? whats wrong?" you said and saw something you wish you hadnt...

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