A Fresh Start

When Marissa and Ciara move to London England from Canada things become a little.. strange, Marissa ends up dating Liam Payne and soon after, they both realize it just wasnt meant to be, but what else happens, you'll just have to read it to find out.

(this is one of my old stories from my twitter page)


7. A shock to everyone

everyone looked at you but you kept your eyes on ciara, your best friend who was there with you through it all.  

*ciaras pov* you looked at riss "please dont cry im here." you mouthed and she nodded then started her story. "okay so my birthday is february 23rd. i have loads of family issues. my dad was never abusive until i turned 13. thats when i got my first low grade in school. now justin and ciara were in my bedroom and i had to show my dad because my mom didnt wanna hear it. my little sister nadia was only 9 at the time, so we werent as close as we are now, i showed my dad my reportcard and he slapped me. after that hitting me and my mom was the best choice, until my brother dylan couldnt take it anymore and punched my dad in his face, my mom called the police that day and i watched my dad get put in hand cuffs. they then filed for divorce. theres one chapter. i was also raped by my boyfriend when i was 16, nearly 17. i was pregnant with his daughter..when one day he decided to get so mad and i was mad too we were fighting and he didnt realize i was at the edge of the staircase and he pushed me.. i lost my baby.. i was only 6 months pregnant.. theres another chapter. my best friend decided to become famous and forget me and our other friends for a while so he could tour and hook up with random girls. it makes me hate him, but i have such love for him. my mom remarried when i was 17 to the man of her dreams, i have medical problems that i do not want to get into. but it just sucks.. and now you hate me cuz you know my whole life story.. ci im gonna go home .. ill see you there.. bye guys.." marissa said and got up and left.. "liam why didnt you say anything?" "before i could she was already gone.." "you know.. riss left out some parts of her life.. not as major as everything else.. but she use to cut..she was anorexic..and bulimic.. i know i shouldnt have told you but i think she meant to say it.." you said and grabbed harrys hand "guys. why dont we go for a walk let riss breathe for a bit. this is alot for her." you said and they all followed you "hey.. um im gonna go to that toy shop over here bye!" liam said mischievously and ran around the corner the 5 of you ran after him until you realized he was headed to get marissa "let liam go guys." you said and niall smiled "ciara has a point. liam needs to show his girlfriend some love." he said

*liams pov* after running for about 5 blocks you were almost at marissas house, and completly out of breath when you ran right by someone you stopped, it was marissa "babe!" you screamed and she looked up with tear filled eyes "uh-m liam.. hi.." she sniffed "are you crying?" "no.. im uh.. allergic to grass.." she paused and you wiped away one of her tears "yea.. i was.. its okay you dont need to pitty me because ive had enough of that to last a lif-" you cut her off and kissed her "stop. im not pittying you.i care about you. i asked to hear it. and you know something" "what.." "your child wouldnt have made you any different" "but my life is fucked up liam" "it is babe im not gonna lie, it is. but you seem so mature and stronger now that i get to know you more, and i love that. you said i was different. stick to that, because i am. i am understanding and different. now dry your tears, and give me a kiss" you said and she smiled a little "why would you want to kiss a slag like me" "you are not a slag you are my girlfriend and you are beautiful, going through everything youve been through is what makes you beautiful, the way you smile, the way you move your bangs from your face, and when you smile to yourself when no one knows what is going through your mind is what makes you beautiful." you said and she kissed you. "thank you liam." she said and you laughed "do not thank me for the truth, now lets go, i am taking you to a toy store." "what?! no. no. no. no. no toys." "yes, bec-" "LIAM LOOK OVER HERE!" "paps." you whispered and grabbed marissas hand and ran to the store. 

* "oh.my.gosh babe, buzz" "no .. i like rex." "no babe buzz" "no.. liam.. buzz is cool and all, but i like rex.. or bo peep..but shes kind of a slore." "babe!" "yes?" "wait.. are we really arguing about toy story right now?" "um.. yes we are, ohmygosh! tinkerbell!" "tinkerbell? you are such a little kid" "really .. buzz?" "shushup. i didnt ask you." you laughed and she did too *forever young, i want to be forever young* "hello ci?; im fine..; yes liam and iare at a toy store; i dont know the name..; ou tell niall yes that one; umm.. welll...uh my boyfriend is now looking for some buzz lightyear thing. hes so odd..; no hes cute; omg gotta go; BABE!" she screamed and you lifted up a toy gun "pew pew pew pew" you said and she laughed so hard. "see now thats what i like, i like when you laugh, and when you smile. it makes me happy" "you are such a dork." "we should go to laser quest yeaahhh yeaaahh" you said winking and she gave you a dirty look.

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