Short Stories

I go to a person every Tuesday night, and she sets me lots of story lines, and I have to create a story to go with the line she gives me. They can be however long I like, sometimes, she gives me objects to describe, and maybe create a story with them in, or I get homework - but it's homework I enjoy.
And in this Movella are the short stories I create.

Comment your favourite - if you want, I'll try and make an actual story from it :)xoxo


3. She went to take her clothes off the line....

She went out to the garden to take her clothes off the line – she looked in amazement – these clothes were NOT hers!!...


   She’d never wear chinos. They were way too on-trend for her, she was more the gothic type.

   “Hey, mum?”


   “Are these yours?”

   “So what if they are? Oh, btw – that means by the way, btw – yours are in the dryer.”

   “But, they were hung up where yours now are!”

   My mum was the complete opposite of me. She had me when she was 16, so now shes 27, and into all of the ‘cool’ stuff, and I’m just, not. Put it this way, we’d never be friends in high school, she’d be a popular and I’d be a goth.

   “Well, now mine are, so stop being such a child.”

   “Ugh. I’m going on eBay and buying a new mum!”

   “Sounds good to me.”

   I was only joking, but I wasn’t too sure that she was. Ever since I was born, I swear she hated me. Shes tried e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g to make me more like her, calling me Maddie, dressing me in skirts and belly tops, putting make-up on me.

   So, I just threw her clothes onto the grass and put mine back up, because I’m such an A-list daughter.

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