Short Stories

I go to a person every Tuesday night, and she sets me lots of story lines, and I have to create a story to go with the line she gives me. They can be however long I like, sometimes, she gives me objects to describe, and maybe create a story with them in, or I get homework - but it's homework I enjoy.
And in this Movella are the short stories I create.

Comment your favourite - if you want, I'll try and make an actual story from it :)xoxo


8. She peeped through the window

She peeped through the window and he was inside peeping out at her!


  They made it obvious from the day they first laid eyes on each other. It was as if they were made to be together. 

   The boy, Sam, waved (slightly) at her as she waved enthusiastically back. Maybe a little bit too enthusiastically.

   Sam raised his hand.

   "Yes, Sam?" Mr Faers asked him.

   "Sir, may I be excused, for my doctors appointment?"

   "Yes,  certainly." He replied as he motioned for Sam to leave the class. 

   Sam unnoticeably gestured to the girl for her to follow him, they met in the parking lot 5 minutes later. 

   "Well hello Lucie. What brings you here?"

   "Hmm, I wonder." She answered, giggling. 

   "Skipping chem lab? Tut tut, I'm surprised at you."

   "Yes, yes I too? Oh dear." They were smiling from cheek-to-cheek at each other  by now. 

   And that's when it happened, Winter 2048. Sam brought out the mistletoe he'd be hiding in the back pocket of his jeans for the past week, awaiting the time Lucie and himself would use it. As if on cue, the heavens opened up as it started to rain. They shared their first passionate kiss.

    Then, they just stayed in the others arms, not caring about the rain, let alone the rest of the world. 

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