Short Stories

I go to a person every Tuesday night, and she sets me lots of story lines, and I have to create a story to go with the line she gives me. They can be however long I like, sometimes, she gives me objects to describe, and maybe create a story with them in, or I get homework - but it's homework I enjoy.
And in this Movella are the short stories I create.

Comment your favourite - if you want, I'll try and make an actual story from it :)xoxo


6. Look at me when I'm talking to you

'Look at me when I am talking to you!'


   My teacher shouted at me from the other side of the classroom.

   Everyone turned around and stared at me. I could feel their eyes, watching my every move. Eyes that could kill, as if they were daggers. 

  I could almost read their minds,

  "Come on Lindsay! Say something sarcastic back! Dance on the tables, throw a chair out of the window!"

   "Just, stop it! I'm always the one to get the blame! You know what?! It's obvious you don't want me here, so why do I even bother turning up?!"

   I started to storm out of the classroom, all of this anger rising in front of my eyes, like I could just...snap at any time.

   "Lindsay Morris! Get back here, now!"

   "No, call my parents, give me a detention, because, to be honest, I don't really care anymore miss!" I called back, still walking down the corridor. 

   As I reached the school entrance, I hit the brick wall with my fist, and as I cried out in pain I sloped down the wall, to a sitting position. My head in my arms.

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