Short Stories

I go to a person every Tuesday night, and she sets me lots of story lines, and I have to create a story to go with the line she gives me. They can be however long I like, sometimes, she gives me objects to describe, and maybe create a story with them in, or I get homework - but it's homework I enjoy.
And in this Movella are the short stories I create.

Comment your favourite - if you want, I'll try and make an actual story from it :)xoxo


1. He walked down the street towards her...


He walked down the street towards her…


   She turned to run away, but he caught up with her, grabbing her shoulders, dragging her to the ground.

   “Get off me! Get off!” She was screaming at him, hitting him.

   “Go away! Please! Please!” because they were the only words in her vocabulary that she could remember.

   “Just, stop moving and screaming, then I’ll back off!”

   She laid there, like a dead thing. He tried to help her up, offering her his hand, but she pushed it away roughly, using the ground to help her instead. When she was stood up, the stranger made an announcement to her which was sure to change her life forever…

   “I’m your dad!”


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