Time To Decide

Paysen and Shayne are two best friends from Boston, Massachusetts. One day while walking around town together, Paysen bumps into Niall from One Direction. Before being able to tell him her name they are mobbed by a crowd of fans. While visiting London on her senior trip will she bump into him again? Will he remember her? Or will she bump into another member?


5. Wish I Knew Sign Language....

~Niall POV~

“Oh ya, I’m Pay-“ the brunette was then cut off by a mob of screaming fans encircling us. I started looking for her and spotted her on the other side of the circle. It looked as if she was about to sign something to me. I don’t know sign language! I barely knew the alphabet and that was it! She started making “P’s” with her hands, and then made a circle with them. What the heck was she doing?! Dang, I wish these fans would have been a second later, then I would’ve at least caught her name. I continued to sign autographs and take pictures with fans, but I couldn’t seem to get her off my mind…

~Shayne POV~

Where the heck was she?! It’s been 30 minutes! I pulled my phone out to text her.

To: PAYSEN. <3: Where the heck are you?! It’s been a half hour! I’m getting worried…

I went to put my phone away when it went off. That was quick. Just kidding. It wasn’t even from her.

From: Bryson da babe ;): Can’t wait for this weekend! Should be a blast!! :) P.s. Like my name? ;)

To: Bryson da babe ;): Oh yeah, real classy. ;) Haha I’m excited too! It should be pretty entertaining with you in charge! :)

From: Bryson da babe ;): Trust me, it is! But it’s a surprise, so you’ll have to wait to find out what we’re doing!

Just then I looked up and saw Paysen standing in front of me, covered in coffee.

“What happened to you?” I asked trying not to laugh.


~Paysen POV~

I told her everything. About how I ran into Niall (literally) and how he bought us more drinks and the fans and the signing.
“YOU SIGNED PERFECT TO HIM?! What the heck?!” She yelled at me. I couldn’t tell if she was pissed or happy…
“I didn’t know what else to do! My name would’ve been way too long! Besides, he probably had no idea what I even said..”

We walked around the mall a little bit before deciding that I didn’t want to buy him something cliché like a tee-shirt or a hat, so I bought two tickets to the Boston Celtics game this Friday.

I drove Shayne home then headed back to my house. By the time I got home, my parents were already home. Dangit.

“I’m home!” I yelled when I walked in. The first thing I saw was my mom, and she did not look too happy.

“Where in the world have you been young lady?! I’ve been calling and texting you all day!”  I looked down at my phone. She was right. 5 missed calls and 13 text messages. Whoops.

“Chill, I was getting a present for Ty for our 2 year anniversary,” I said as I was walking toward the stairs. My mom LOVED Ty. Almost more than I loved him. Well, not really, but you get the picture. So, I knew by saying this, I would be let off the hook.

“OH YEAH. I forgot it was your 2 year today!! What did he get you?!” She asked excitedly as if she totally forgot she was mad at me a second ago.

“Just a bracelet. Nothing that big.”

“Just a bracelet? Wow, with the kind of money his parents have, I would’ve thought he would’ve bought you a new car or something.” Bingo. That’s exactly why she loved him so much. His parents make bank.

“I’m going to my room now. Night.” I said while walking up the stairs.

I got to my room, changed into some Victoria Secret Pink sweats, and a black tank top. I got on my computer and logged onto Tumblr and Twitter. I saw that I had a mention.

@shaynemasonlalala: @paysenaltonxoxo Pretty sure the crackin was released at my house.  My mom took my phone for the night :/ #hideyokids #hideyowife

@paysenaltonxoxo: @shaynemasonlalala Sharon flipped too. Then I told her it was for Ty and she was totes fine. #Ohsharon

I continued to scroll through my timeline and saw a tweet from the One Direction page. Tyler was always getting on my twitter and following them, I just decided to give and up scrolled past it. Suddenly something caught my attention.

@NiallOfficial: Dang.. Wish I knew sign language…

My heart dropped to the bottom of my butt when I saw this.

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