Time To Decide

Paysen and Shayne are two best friends from Boston, Massachusetts. One day while walking around town together, Paysen bumps into Niall from One Direction. Before being able to tell him her name they are mobbed by a crowd of fans. While visiting London on her senior trip will she bump into him again? Will he remember her? Or will she bump into another member?


4. I Know Exactly Who You Are

~Paysen POV~


Shayne and I got in my car and headed off to town.

“So what happened with Bryson today? Did he ask you out?”

“Well.. Kinda! He wants to do something with me this weekend.”

“And you said yes right!?!?!” I practically yelled at her.

“Well DUH I said yes! I’ve basically been in love with him since 7th grade when he moved here!”

Whenever we talked about him, she got all defensive and super giddy. I hope everything works out between them. We got out of the car and started walking around town.

“I’m gonna go get something from Starbucks. I’ll meet you at the mall in 15 minutes?” I told Shayne.

“Oh get me my usual!” Shayne screamed as she started walking away. We’ve been coming to this Starbucks at least 4 times a week since 9th grade, when they opened it. I normally get a caramel frappaccino and she gets an iced vanilla latte. The workers there have all memorized our orders.

I started walking into Starbucks and went to order.

“Paysen!! Where’s Shayne?” I heard someone say from the other side of the counter. Spencer. He had moved here from London about 2 years ago. I really enjoyed him, and not just because of his accent.

“Hey Spencer! I’m meeting her at the mall in 15. Can we get our usual, please?”

“Sure thing, love! It’ll be ready in no time!” “Thanks Spenc!”

I waited for about 5 minutes before our drinks were ready. I went and picked them up and started walking out the door. Just then I bumped into someone, causing our coffee to spill all over me and the other person.

“Oh. My. Gosh. I feel so terrible!! I should’ve been watching where I was going-“ I starting rambling off. When I looked up I saw the most gorgeous, blonde haired guy I have ever seen in my life. Snap out of it Paysen. You’ve got Ty I thought to myself.

“No worries! It really was my fault” the blonde boy spoke with a strong Irish accent. He took off his glasses to reveal these stunning pair of deep blue eyes. I feel like I’ve seen him before… Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted. “Let me buy you some more drinks. My treat. I feel horrible.”

“Oh really. It’s not a problem. I can buy them myself.”

“No really! Please let me! And I’m not taking no for an answer!” He demanded. Well I guess I can’t really say no..

“Ok,” I said smiling at him. We walked back in and Spencer looked at me and laughed.

“I’ll start making some more, but try not to be so clumsy next time, k?” he said winking at me. This made me blush uncontrollably.

“So are you from here?” the blonde boy asked me.

“Ya I am. My house is actually only about 10 minutes from here.”

“Oh so I’m guessing you come here a lot then?

“what makes you say that?” I asked confused.

“The workers here know your order, love”

“Ohh. Haha yeah this is pretty much I second home,” I said jokingly. I turned around and saw someone take a picture of me. Wait no.. Not of me.. Of the blonde boy? Just then it clicked. He’s from One Direction. I’ve seen pictures of him hanging up in Tyler’s room. Holy crap. If she could see me now.

“Well, I never got to introduce myself. I’m-“ the blonde boy started.

“Niall, from One Direction. I know exactly who you are.” I said cutting him off.

“Oh so you’re a fan?” He said trying to hide his smirk.

“My little sister is more than obsessed with you guys.”

“And how does her older sister feel?” he asked. This time he wasn’t even trying to hide his smile.

“Still deciding,” I said while blushing and smiling at him.

Spencer handed us our drinks and we walked out the door together. “Well I guess I better get going. My friend is waiting for me at the mall.” I started walking away, but then felt his strong grip around my wrist. “Wait, I never caught your name.” He said while frowning.

“Oh ya, I’m Pay-“just then I was cut off by screaming fans surrounding us now. I managed to escape the group of girls to find him staring right at me. That’s it! Use sign language! I started to making a ‘P’ with my hands, but didn’t start spelling my name. Instead I rotated both of the  P-hands around each other and then touched my fingers together. Yupp. That’s right. I just signed ‘Perfect’ to Niall Horan of One Direction.

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