Time To Decide

Paysen and Shayne are two best friends from Boston, Massachusetts. One day while walking around town together, Paysen bumps into Niall from One Direction. Before being able to tell him her name they are mobbed by a crowd of fans. While visiting London on her senior trip will she bump into him again? Will he remember her? Or will she bump into another member?


1. Forgetting The Anniversary

~Paysen POV~

I woke up in the morning around 6:30 to music coming from my sisters room upstairs.

"Tell me I'm a screwed up mess. That I never listen listen." One Direction. Of course. She is way too obsessed with them. This happens every morning. I ran upstairs and banged on her door, telling her to turn the music down.

"DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!" She yelled back over the music. Are you freaking kidding me?! Whatever.

I went back downstairs to get ready for school. Christmas break just ended and now it’s time for school to be back in session. I am a senior at East Boston High School in Massachusetts. Only one more semester left until I can get out of this place. My parents work full time so I don't even get to see them a lot, but when I do, we end up fighting over something. It gets really annoying after a while, and to top it all off, my 12 year old little sister is always doing something to get on my nerves.

I start to do my make-up, but not too much. I’m really not that into putting on makeup. Just a touch of mascara and a bit of eye liner on my bottom eyelashes. I brush through my brown, natural curly hair then decide I would rather just pull it up. My hair being so long, even in a ponytail, it still goes down to the middle of my back. I go into my room to change. I put on my favorite light blue ripped jeans with a white tunic tank top and an olive colored jacket. To top it off I put on my brown military calf boots that I got from Nordstrom. I check myself in the mirror one last time before heading out the door. I get into my silver convertible. It being the middle of January, I put the roof up and headed a couple of blocks to my best friend Shayne’s house.

Shayne and I have been best friends since elementary school when she accidentally spilled pudding on my new dress in 2nd grade. We’ve been inseparable ever since. I get to her house and honk. She walks out wearing maroon pants with a green button up tank with it tied at the waist. Over the tank she has a white varsity jacket with navy blue on the bottom and around the pockets. Around her neck she wore a blue scarf and brown knee high military boots for shoes. Her blonde, dead straight hair was parted down the middle and reached all the way to her waist it was so long. She wasn’t so much into make-up either, so she wore a little bit of mascara with a slight bit of white eye shadow on her top eyelid.

“Hey girlie!” She said as she got into my car.

“Tyler woke me up again this morning with her music.” I said as I was pulling out of her driveway. “Again?! Isn’t this like the 3rd week she’s done that?”  She asked getting just about as angry as I was.

“Ohh if not more. It’s getting SO annoying you don’t even know.” We drove the rest of the way singing along to the radio. The school is only a 5 minute drive from her house, so the drive went by pretty fast.

I found myself a parking space and we got out the car and started walking into the school arm in arm. Everywhere we go, we are always arm in arm and nothing less. That's how close we are. As we were walking to our lockers to put our backpacks away, we got stopped a lot because people wanted to talk to us. Not gonna lie, everyone pretty much idolized us. I don’t know why though, it’s not like we’re any different than everyone else. When we reached our lockers and started putting our stuff away, I got a text from my boyfriend Ty.

From Ty My Guy<3<3<3: Are you at school yet babe? :) I have something I want to give you. :)

To Ty My Guy<3<3<3: Just got here. :) Meet me at my locker! <3

“Awhh are you texting Ty?!” Shayne teased me.

“Shut up,” I said blushing. Ty and I have liked each other since 8th grade when we were assigned to be partners on a science project, but didn’t say anything until we went to the Christmas dance together in 10th grade. We hung out all Christmas break and he asked me to go steady on January 6th, which just so happened to be today and I totally spaced it. Christmas break this year was pretty crazy. My parents decided to surprise us by taking us to visit San Diego, California. Since we lived so far away, we weren’t able to go there a lot, but my family loved it so much. It was so gorgeous and always the perfect temperature, except for this year when there was a gigantic rain storm the day we were supposed to go home. We ended up being stuck at the airport all night and weren’t able to leave until the next day, which happened to be yesterday. I didn’t even get the chance to get Ty anything.

“Oh shit. Shayne what is today???” I asked worried.

“Uhmm its’s tueday” she asked confused.

“No like the number!! Is it the 6th?!”

“Ohh. Haha yeah I think so. Why? Is something wrong?”

“Ty…” I whispered while dropping my head. All the sudden I felt hands around my eyes.


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