He's Got That One Thing

Amber has always had a past. Even though she try's to move on, everything seems to be coming at her full forward. She was just a normal teenage girl who worked at a cafe, but now, all of that might change. It's the summer before she goes off to college, and she has a plan for her life, but will those plans change? She reunites with her best friends, and makes new ones along the way. 5 to be exact. Will these 2 friends find love? Will Amber find closure? And most importantly, what exactly will Amber do, if her past finally meets up with her?


8. Where's Amber?

Its 3:13 am and I realize that Kris, would probably be sleping at this hour. So I walked up to the window of the living room. The curtain was closed. Yup, he was sleeping. I pushed the window open and I feel on top of the coffee table, which was usually on the oppoiste side of the room. Kris looked up to me from the couch. He was eating a peice of pizza, and choking I may add, because when its 3 am and someone comes through your window, the first thought is not "Oh its just my old friends daughter climbing in." So I had scared him. "I'm so sorry! I thought you would be sleeping!" He looked me up and down. "You been drinking? On drugs?" I cricnkled my fingers at him. "No! I was out with the boys, at a party, well not exactly a party, a press conference type of thing. And-" He cut me off. "Which one do you like?" I froze. I always talk to much when im nervous. "Hmm?" I tried to wave him off for a few seconds, but lets be honest here. He was like my dad since he had passed away. So...I spilled. "Never you mind!" My face turned probably 10 shades of red. "Let me guess, The blonde one? Or was it the one with the curly hair? Or...the tan skinned one.." I stopped him. "Ok, ok, before you hurt yourself thinking so much, just give up, thats 3 out of 5 guesses." I laughed. And by this point, I wasn't red, I was beyond red! I dont even know! I was just so embarresed! "His name i-" The phone rang. "Who would be calling at this time of night?" He cursed a little and then answered the phone. "Hello?..Mhmm...Yeah..Yeah she's here..." He looked over at me. "...ever since she got off work....she's sleeping right now Abethia.....mhmm...ok..yeah...night." I could feel my eyes start to turn in the back of my head. He started going on about how it was my mom, and she was "worried" that I didn't come home, but she was alright if i was safe, and blah blah. I fell asleep on the couch.

I woke up at 8am and saw that I was late for work. I should have been in at 8. I shot up and took a shower real quick, brushed my teeth, and all that exciting junk. I went to grab a bagel and saw a note that Kris left me.

"Amber, you don't have to come into work today, that Greg kid called Mark yesterday asking for more hours, so he called me cause he couldn't get ahold of you. You're tired. Trust me I know. Go back to sleep, and there's some money in the jar if you get hungry. Oh yeah, and call your mom, I know you think she doesn't care, but she is your mom Kiddo.    Love, Kris"

Only for him would I call wicked witch of the west. I clicked my phone on and saw that I had 4 new messages. All from Mark, telling me I had the rest of the week off so he could give that annoying kid some hours. Yay. A whole week to do nothing. I really don't understand why every other teen in the world loves summer so much. To me, it's just boring. I don't have many friends to spend it with, and even if i did, it still wouldn't be fun. I see the same thing every day, every summer. The same group of kids, come into the restraunt, get the same thing, laugh about the same jokes, and then go do other things that they did yesterday. At least in school, you learn something new every day. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those kids who gets A's in every class, and the teachers love. I do okay with school work, and the teachers don't hate me, but there are other things I would rather do. Like play piano. I have'nt played in a while, the exception being last night when I messed around a bit. Which made me remember last night, dang it! I left my song book there!


Zayn's P.O.V

There were so many songs in here. I had spent the whole time this morning reading it. They were beautiful. "Hey mate, whatcha readin'?" Harry came and spread his legs accross mine on the couch. I guess he was done with his interveiw. "It belongs to Amber, I felt weird reading it, but its really good." I tossed the book to him, and he started reading. "She writes her own songs. Hot." He started to grin and I slapped him jokingly on the arm. He feel to the ground dramaticly. "Help me Louis, I'm dying!" He put his hand over his heart and closed his eyes. "I'll save you Hazza! I love you!" Louis came running in slapped my face, as soft as he could and pretended to give him mouth to mouth recipitation. They hugged, I laughed. Niall took pictures, tweeted them saying "Larry moment 1d fans!" and we had a good laugh. Then we got back on track. "So she writes huh?" Louis just stood there reading it, and Niall was scared to. Said that "Reading any book of a girls is the most dangerous thing a man can do" And Liam just said that one time when he read Dani's diary...we really don't have to go into details on that one. So they wouldn't read it. It was purly amazing.

"Where is Amber today? I think we should get ahold of her. She was nice." Niall said as he bit down into  a suger coma of a dognut. "We could stop by at her house. We don't have much to do today anyways." Liam stood up and stretched. He was always the one who said if we could or couldn't do something. Buzz kill that one was. But this time, I liked what he said. I wanted to see Amber. We all got up and drove over to her house. "What was the address again? Does anyone remember?" Paul yelled into the back at us. "872 20th Avenue!" Niall shouted. "It rymes so I remember. We just ignored him and his child like self. We stopped in front of the big white house with the gate in front of it. I loved this house. I could see her inside drinking a cup of Orange Juice and playing Frank Sinatra on the piano, or sitting in the back yard writing. "Who wants to go up to the door?" Niall was already half way out of the car before Liam could finish the sentence. "Zayn, why don't you go with him, give her back her book." Liam hit my arm and I got out of the car. "Wait up mate!" I walked up to Niall, and we walked to the door. We rang the doorbell and a little girl in pigtails opened the door. She was gigilling and then all of a sudden "AHHHH! OH MY GAWWWD! YOUR NIALL AND ZAYN! IN MY HOUSE! OMG!" came from up the stairs. We just looked up as a 14 year old girl ran down the stairs to the door. I seriously thought I was going to have to call Louis up here to actually give someone mouth to mouth recipataion. We were going to have to call an ambulence. She stood there in total shock. Amber didn't say she had sisters. And obviously, she didn't mention to her sisters that she had met us yesterday. I think I would call this girl power lungs, that girl had some pipes when she screamed. Niall just stood there staring at her Chest. Niall what the heck man, shes 1-oh nevermind, he had noticed that she was wearing a one direction shirt. "You guys were AWESOME! Last night! It was amazing! Pure amazing! Can I get a picture with you? And an autograph? Omg! Can I show you my room?" Niall just smiled. "Is your sister home?" Niall looked behind her into the house to see if he could spot her. The girl gave us a puzzeled look. "Which one? This is Jazz, and then there's Am." Niall blushed. I knew what that ment. He liked "Am" too.

"Uhm, Am. Is she here? Or is she at work?" The girl gave us a more confused look then ever this time. "Uhm, I don't think they allow 5 year olds to work..? Child labor laws and all." Me and Niall both looked at each other. "So Amber, she doesn't live here?" She shoke her head. "Noppe?" I turned to the SUV with my arms put out and a look on my face which caused paul to motion us to the car, but i told him one second, as a fan had asked us to do something, and we don't turn down our fans.

"So..." I said cooley. "Where's your camera?"

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