He's Got That One Thing

Amber has always had a past. Even though she try's to move on, everything seems to be coming at her full forward. She was just a normal teenage girl who worked at a cafe, but now, all of that might change. It's the summer before she goes off to college, and she has a plan for her life, but will those plans change? She reunites with her best friends, and makes new ones along the way. 5 to be exact. Will these 2 friends find love? Will Amber find closure? And most importantly, what exactly will Amber do, if her past finally meets up with her?


9. There She Is

Amber's P.O.V

I grabbed one of Kris' sweaters and walked out the door. I called my mom's phone but no answer. So I just left a message. "I'm not dead. Not going into work today. Kris told me to call. Bye." I knew she wouldn't pick up, because in reality, she didn't care, just wanted to play good mom for a bit last night. The act almost always worked on Kris. He liked to think of her of how she was before dad died. I miss that mom, the mom who cared. The mom who was there for me, the mom that gave me kisses on the head before leaving the house. Now, all she does before I leave the house is hand me some smokes. I wish she cared that she was slowly killing me, but she didn't. The sooner the better I guess. I stuck a cancer stick in my mouth and crossed the street to the bus. It would be about a 10-15 minnute wait. I clicked my phone and went on to my twitter.

zaynmalik-where are you @ambersapimp ?

Louis_Tomlinson- @ambersapimp darling, you lied about where you lived...now we cant stalk you!

Harry_Styles- Well, I guess today turned into a scavenger hunt! We're off to find @ambersapimp

NiallOffical-stopped by a random house looking for you @ambersapimp lets just say,...you owe us babe!

not to mention the many new followers I had, and how many tweets I was getting.

I never thought they would ever want to see me again. I was just some waitress who gave them food, and now they were looking for me? I was waiting for someone to wake me up. This had to be a dream.

ambersapimp-off work today! you want me? come find me! (:

Today should be a very interesting day.


Zayn's P.O.V

I was stalking her twitter when all of a sudden a new tweet came up. As I read it, I couldn't help but smile. I told the boys, and asked if we accepted the challenge. We all looked at Liam, waiting for him to tell us NO. He just raised his eyebrow and simply said. "It's on like donkey kong."

zaynmalik-@ambersapimp ready or not, here we come babe(;

and just like that, we were off!

We really don't know where to look. We were going to stop at the restraunt and ask about her, but instead, we found her.

"Hey Amber! Looks like we found you! 10 points for team direction!" Louis screamed and jumped straight on her back.She smiled a little bit then pushed him off. "Hey Amber hows it going, love?" Liam looked over at her. The only thing that Niall, Harry, and I could even think about asking was.."So, that's not your house.?" She blushed, and started to move away from us. "Amber, its ok that you lied, we just want to know why."


Amber's P.O.V

"Amber, it's ok that you lied, we just want to kow why." I froze. Why did i lie about where I lived? 'Cause I don't like people seeing where I live. I hate my apartment, I hate my life. I hate you guys for coming in and ruinin it. "I never thought I would see you guys again anyway." I tilted my head down. Worst excuse ever. The boys all stared at me, an Zayn had an apoligetic face on, now that I look at them, they were all giving me puppy dog eyes. They were so beautiful. "I'm sorry. I just...I don't let anyone see where I live." Zayn pulled on my hand. "It's ok, you don't have to be sorry." I got lost in his beautiful chocolate eyes, and his long lashes. I forgot why I came to "The Ridge". Oh yeah, My song book.

"I'll be back in a second, I need to run upstairs and get something." I could never tell them I wrote my own songs. They would think I wanted them to make me famous. The boys backed up and Zayn pulled on my arm. "Is this what you're looking for?" He pullled my book out of no where. Or maybe I hadn't noticed he was holding it. Thats beside the point. What was he doing with my lyric diary? "How'd you get that?" I pulled it out of his hands. "I uh....Uhm..I found it, and uh.." He flashed his teeth at me, and I thought for one second, I was going to let him get away with it. I couldn't. This was personal to me, and famous or not, this hottie had no right taking what didn't belong to him. Did he do this alot? Was last night just him being a normal super star? Acting nice, but really on the inside he has an ego the size of Texas? He was used to getting what he wanted without getting in trouble. No consquences. Seems like a life I would love to have. Not. I hated famous people. I've never met any before last night, and now, I can't believe I felt sorry for them. This was stupid. I pulled open the door to the cafe, and went in. I ran upstairs to the private room and sat there. If they even think about coming here, I would tell them off. I was more embarresed then mad. I might even be sad. I mean it when I say, no one has ever heard those lyrics, or seen them. Not even Kris. I pulled the bench up to the piano and started playing my dads favorite song. This was normal when I was upset.

"I'm a fool to want you, I'm a fool to want you." I breathed, "To want a love that can't be true, a love that's there for others too" I laughed and remembered dad, and how he would sing this song on saturdays. The memories just flew in.



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